Can I take out a loan despite RKI?

Most people think that you cannot borrow money if you are registered in the RKI or the Debtor Register, for example, but that is not entirely true. Of course, this is a major constraint, and not many loan providers do.

But there are some who defy this policy and would like to lend money despite this registration. It is good enough with many more requirements and it also costs much more.

What can you do


Firstly, you have to do everything to be deleted in the registers as soon as possible and it can be done. Contact them and find out who has registered. If this is old, then contact those you owe money to and make an appointment with them, it may be enough.

If not, then look into the possibility that one of them will take over all other debt items, against being cleared and then having only one outstanding with them, and then you make a new agreement. You must comply with it. Try it. Maybe that’s just what it takes.

Second, you can check out our list of providers


Then pick them out where you think you have a chance. If you can find a provider that will lend you money with a co-applicant to pay off old debts and thus get out of the records, this can be a good option. You may need to ally yourself with a professional advisor to the extent that they have good experience in debt work and counseling.

But look for all the possibilities and write in your applications that you are in RKI and write that it is a collective loan you are applying for, and remember the most important thing is that there is a co-applicant with the loan application, otherwise it is almost impossible.

More knowledge and action

More knowledge and action

The only thing we can recommend to you is to search as many providers as possible, and then hope that there are some that will give you another chance. Here on our site we have many articles on loans and finances that give you a little better hand on hand when applying for loans.

Read them all and get inspired to get a loan or to get better control of your finances. The better it is, the more chance you have of getting your loan application approved. It’s about you getting better opportunities in the future, and you only do that if you change course.