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You are probably well aware that borrowing money is usually expensive, and it is also perfectly correct – at least in most cases. If you need the cheapest loan, going to the bank is usually a good idea.

But the quick loans can sometimes sting the banks’ offers. It is seen among other things. when you buy a car, where the car dealer can sometimes give you an offer that is better than the bank’s.

Reminiscent of a regular bank


Many car dealers cooperate with Good Finance Customer Bank. In many ways, Good Finance acts like a regular bank. In addition to loans, they also offer credit cards and savings accounts. The difference is that they work primarily online.

At Good Finance Customer Bank, they offer one of the online consumer loans where you can borrow most money. In fact, without a collateral, you can get a private loan of up to USD 350,000. Unlike most other mortgage loan providers, you can choose between variable and fixed interest rates at Good Finance. Just like in the bank. So you get it exactly the way you want it.

Safe insurance – the safe choice


For a little extra a month, Good Finance offers insurance that covers the loan’s payment if you suddenly do not have the option to pay off anymore. It could be, for example, if you lose your job or suffer an accident. In this way, a tragic event also does not end with an unpaid debt or a registration in RKI.

Should you buy a car?

Should you buy a car?

Do not hesitate to contact Good Finance directly if you need to buy a car. The car dealer can sometimes beat the bank’s OPP, but in fact you have the opportunity to make it even cheaper. The car dealer’s interest is higher than Good Finances as an extra income.

If you choose the easy solution anyway, don’t hesitate to squeeze the car dealer’s interest. He has several percentages to do well with. That way you can save a little extra each month, which can be felt on the wallet.

More about Good Finance Customer Bank


Good Finance Customer Bank in Denmark is part of Spanish Banco Good Finance, which is the Eurozone’s largest bank and thus also one of the world’s largest. That alone gives them an edge over credibility.

To remind as much of a regular bank as possible, you occasionally get a call from an employee who wants to make sure you’re still happy with the loan. The employee is also happy to answer questions or help if you want to pay off the loan earlier or change the monthly allowance.

Banco Good Finance has 6 values ​​that they strive for:
– They will be market leaders
– They are proactive
– They are customer focused
– They are innovative
– They are trustworthy
– They are professionals.

Whether the bank can live up to the values, you as a customer have to evaluate yourself, but the starting point is there.