20 New Stake Presidents—from Colorado to the Ivory Coast

New participation

A new stake was created from the Gastonia North Carolina and Hickory North Carolina stakes. The Lake Norman North Carolina Stake, which includes the neighborhoods of Cornelius, Huntersville, Lake Norman, Mooresville, Mountain Island, and Statesville, was established by John C. Pingree Jr., General Authority Seventy, and Matthew S. Harding, a Seventy.

LAKE NORMAN NORTH CAROLINA STAKE: (September 18, 2022) President — Timothy Allen Smith, 61, retired; wife, Betsy Ann Smith. Advisors — Trenton Reed Parker, 51, independent professional investor; wife, April Fleming Parker. Cecil Ray Ruppe, 49, vice president of Creative Sign Solutions Inc.; wife, Erika Kathleen Beyer Ruppe.

Reorganized stakes

ABIDJAN COTE D’IVOIRE RED ROOF STAGE: (August 28, 2022) Chair — Herve Villard Kpole, 39, freelance translator; succeeding Kouadio N. Yao; wife, Djénéba Désirée Koné. Advisors — Faet Melaine Bérenger Dahakpoin, 41, purchaser of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; wife, Armande Carine Zilé Dahakpoin. Thiabaut Wilifried Hien, 37, general practitioner in a private clinic; wife, Lokpo Leocadie Flore Zelisse.

ACCRA GHANA KANESHIE STAKE: (August 21, 2022) Chair — Francis Sosu Jr., 37, NTHC account manager; succeeding Flint E. Mensah; wife, Miriam Eleanor Mensah Sosu. Advisors — Richmond Adu-Gyamfi, 40, adult literacy manager for Engage Now Africa; wife, Leticia Darko Adu-Gyamfi. Jonathan Addo, 37, CEO of Jonrose Services; wife, Ama Nti Opoku Addo.

AURORA COLORADO SOUTH STAKE: (September 25, 2022) Chair — Justin Garret Matthews, 44, Ranstad Senior Vice President of National Sales and Enterprise Solutions; succeeding Russell N. Watterson; wife, Gayla Hawn Matthews. Advisors — Tyler Kenneth Monson, 47, senior field auditor at Pinnacol Assurance; wife, Angela Dianne Whitmill Monson. Rickey Doyle Turner Jr., 45, senior prosecutor for the United States Department of Justice; wife, Deanna Marie Stones Turner.

BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIA SOUTHERN Stake: (September 25, 2022) Chair — Gregory Vaughn Forsyth, 42, founder and managing partner of Cardiac RMS; succeeding Russell V. Judd; wife, Naomi Patrice Thompson Forsyth. Advisors — Jeffrey Richard Bell, 47, financial adviser to Edward Jones; wife, Amy Hall Bell. Ryan Scott Phillips, 49, regional sales manager of Fruit Fillings Inc.; wife, Jennifer May Adams Phillips.

BOGOTÁ COLOMBIA KENNEDY STAKE: (September 11, 2022) President — Gerson Giovanni Cagua Gutierrez, 47, administrative assistant at the United States Embassy; succeeding Rafael A. Lopera; wife, Yandy Esperanca de Cagua Ruiz. Advisors — Camilo Andres Camargo Santos, 35, Head of Liquidity and Interest Rate Risk at Banco de Bogotá; wife, Diana Paola Pinilla Monroy. Jairo Humberto Vanegas Rios, 39, digital marketing specialist at Naturallovers; wife Yulannis del Carmen of Vanegas Useche.

PARTICIPATION COLONIA DUBLÁN MEXICO: (August 28, 2022) Chair — Cesar Alejandro Lozoya Noris, 46, Immunotec Master Platinum; succeeding Noe Cepeda Santos; wife, Dulce Maria Mendoza Rodriguez. Advisors — Ernest Clayton Nielsen, 53, independent business owner; wife, Shauna Jones Nielsen. Alfred Eric Robinson, 49 years old, self-employed farmer; wife, Michele Dustin Robinson.

ESCONDIDO’S PARTICIPATION IN CALIFORNIA: (September 11, 2022) President — Anthony Joel Thompson, 59, General Atomics–Aeronautics Senior Director of Mechanical Manufacturing; succeeding R. Todd McMaster; wife, Heidi Heath Thompson. Advisors — Graham Le Ray Mitchell, 53, municipal director of the city of El Cajon; wife, Angela Lee Bassett Mitchell. Michael Sean Owley, 53, chief operating officer of Zentalis Pharmaceuticals; wife, Paige Jeanette Ashcraft Owsley.

FORTH MILL SOUTH CAROLINA STAG: (September 25, 2022) Chair — Justin Carl Blackham, 41, senior process specialist at Varo Bank; succeeding Blake D Smith; wife, Amy Marie Froneberger Blackham. Advisors — Craig Delmar Bell, 59 years old, responsible for social services and autonomy; wife, Susan Lynn George Bell. Craig Alan Craze, 50, partner of Indigo Rush; wife, Tiffany Anne Weaver Craze.

GRAHAM WASHINGTON STAKE: (August 28, 2022) Chair — Mark Brian Manwaring, 51 years old, institute director of Seminaries and Institutes of Religion; succeeding Daniel W. Wells; wife, Shanalee Williams Manwaring. Advisors — Kevin Richard Hellyer, 44, senior consultant at Cardinal Health; wife, Carrie Lee Jones Hellyer. Alfred Mark Fairbanks II, 57, vice president of finance and accounting for Harborstone Credit Union; wife, Heidi Taylor Fairbanks.

PASS OREGON STAKE GRANTS: (September 25, 2022) Chair — Joshua James Richardson, 49, financial adviser to Edward Jones; succeeding R. Scott Nelson; wife, Kelly Diane Templeman Richardson. Advisors — Jeffrey Jon Elseth, 68, Met One Instruments embedded firmware engineer; wife, Janet Lynne MacNicholas Elseth. Joe J. Dunn, 51, CEO and Chief Dental Officer of Siskiyou Community Healthcare; wife, Deborah Sue Arner Dunn.

HICKORY NORTH CAROLINA Stake: (September 18, 2022) President — Joseph Chance Powell, 40, pediatric dentist; succeeding Timothy A. Smith; wife, Emily Elizabeth Barnette Powell. Advisors — Casey Leo Supervisor, 42, COO of Marx LLC and co-owner; wife, Rachael Patricia Maltba Proctor. Brad Phillip Dancy, 48, controller of the American Woodmark factory; wife, Renee Leigh McCarter Dancy.

PARTICIPATION OF LIMA PERÚ PROLIMA: (September 18, 2022) President — Miguel Angel Ramos Calderon, 39, logistics assistant from San Martin; succeeding Maximo I. Gil Layza; wife, Dionicia Rosalvina Ramos Caldas de. Advisors — Juan Carlos Clemente Calizaya, 47, CEO of Clevac SAC; wife, Andrea Melissa Vasquez Perez. Marco Antonio Osorio Diaz, 50 years old, independent metal buyer and seller; wife, Magna Diamile de Osorio Fernández.

PARTICIPATION OF LIMA PERÚ TAHUANTINSUYO: (September 18, 2022) President — Christian Barrantes, 43 years old, official of the Credit Bank of Peru; succeeding Segundo C. Sanchez Garrido; wife, Natalia Lissette de Barrantes Cavero. Advisors — Jesus Osccorima Nuñez, 46 years old, supervisor of Maquinarias SA; wife, Sara Emperatriz de Osccorima Ortiz. Wilmer Perez Pinedo, 55, self-employed; wife, Magdalena Lourdes Perez Vidal.

OREM UTAH CANYON VIEW STAKE: (September 18, 2022) President — Reed Aaron Beus, 48, managing partner of Lawrence Wealth Management; succeeding Mark H. Hansen; wife, Michelle Butler Beus. Advisors — Ronald Ray Warren, 55, strategic relationships with ICS suppliers; wife, Brenda Jean Schroeder Warren. Michael Brent Newsome, 66, vice-president of Unicity International; wife, Linda Marta Pass Newsome.

PASTO COLOMBIA ISSUE: (August 14, 2022) Chair — Wilson Omar Guerrero Caicedo, 53, Acar and independent employee of special transport and administration; succeeding Angel J. Zambrano Jaramillo; wife, Luz Elena Guerrero Chaves. Advisors — Luis Hernando Castro Velasquez, 47, Frimac SAS logistics manager; wife, Sandra Isabel Castro Rivera. Daniel Fernando Mora Moncayo, 26, Alexandra Estupiñan assistant accountant; wife, Dana Gabriela Velasquez Estupiñan.

RIVERTON UTAH Stake: (September 18, 2022) President — Christophe Hal Neddo, 50, senior investment strategist at Cynosure Group; succeeding John L. Arens; wife, Sarah Christine Schwitzer Neddo. Advisors — Mitchell Chester Curtis, 48, director of the Daw Construction Group LLC division; wife, Melissa Anne Day Curtis. David J Jessen, 53, Seminaries and Institutes of Religion responsible for financial services; wife, Amy Sorensen Jessen.

SALT LAKE RIVER Stake: (September 18, 2022) President — Andres Diaz, 68, Red Rock Legal Services PLLC and Diaz & Larsen Managing Partner; succeeding Bryant J. Keller; wife, MerriLyn Chilton Diaz. Advisors — Joseph Martel, 59, New Haven CT Facilities Management Group Comptroller; wife, Silvia Myriam Abarzua Iguain Martel. Tyler Lynn Peck, 42, central office technician at Lumen Technologies Inc.; married Yuderka Sosa Peck.

PARTICIPATION UPOLU SAMOA NU’UMAU: (August 21, 2022) Chair — Alema Tamala, 41, messenger from the University of the South Pacific Alafua; succeeding Talalelei Pauga; wife, Fuesi Tamala. Advisors — Maiava solo, 44, MT, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; wife, Molei Talataina Maiava. Tupe Punivalu, 48 years old, senior detective sergeant; wife, Patilisi Tuimaunei Punivalu.

ZAMBOANGA PHILIPPINES ISSUE: (September 18, 2022) President — Rommel Cia Abundio, 45 years old, LM Entreprises sales representative; succeeding Melchor A. Pahlaya; wife, Ruby Mira Mira Abundio. Advisors — Belise Agustin, 51, Emedia Broadcasting Network Inc., Goldstone Trading, Marketing and General Merchandising Inc. and Alberei Advertising Corp. President and CEO ; wife, Lilybeth Bandala Saavedra Agustin. Gino Indino Calumpang, 29, officer and teacher at the Ateneo de Zamboanga University; wife, Ammonihah Ubas Oro Calumpang.

Jerry B. Hatch