Arunachal Pradesh church desecrates Donyi Polo shrine

The Arunachal Pradesh Social Justice Forum on January 7 filed an official complaint against the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Boleng in the Siang district of Arunachal Pradesh for encouraging the desecration of Siang Unyying Ekum, a hall community which is also a sacred place for the faithful of Donyi Polo faith.

According to Vijay Taram, the founder of the Arunachal Pradesh Social Justice Forum, this is just a serious Christian attack on followers of the Donyi Polo faith who is a minority community in Arunachal Pradesh. Apparently, Christian converts threw away everything related to the faith of Donyi Polo from the Unyying Aran Ekum and decorated it with items related to the Christian faith. The complaint states that the culprits are the followers of preacher Rev Avon Vax SFX, and this was done so that he could operate in the room.

This is after preacher Reverend Father Avon Vaz SFX of the Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart allegedly incited his followers to desecrate Siang Unyying Ekum for his “Healing and Deliverance Retreat” crusade scheduled for Jan. 7-9.

The Donyi Polo faith is a minority community in Arunachal Pradesh and represents approximately 5 lakh of the state’s total population. Vijay Taram informed OpIndia that although the FIR has been filed, the police have yet to take any appropriate action in the matter. Boleng police said they could not take any action because the case was already settled and the two sides decided to withdraw the complaints.

Meanwhile, one of the plaintiffs, Jopir Mize, refuted the police allegations and said: “We have not withdrawn the complaint and the case is not yet resolved. We were not informed of anything by the police and no action on their part was taken in this matter ”. According to the Social Justice Forum, the tribal plaintiffs have also been threatened by the authorities for filing the FIR in this case.

The FIR copy against the Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart

“The Church has obtained an illegal authorization”

Taram, who also belongs to the tribal community, said he had no objection to Christians organizing their prayers or their programs “but why don’t they do it in their places of worship, in churches” , he asked. “Siang Unyying Ekum, the Boleng community hall in question is currently a holy place for Donyi Polo devotees. They perform all their functions, pujas, prayers here. What prompted the Church to make it a place for its healing program, ”he reflected.

“Christian converts ruined the Unyying Ekum and decorated it according to the Christian religion. It cannot be tolerated. In fact, the Church has obtained an illegal authorization from Commissioner Dy unilaterally and favors Christians in the region, ”he said. Taram also added that Commissioner Dy Atul Tayeng had hurt the feelings of the tribal community by allowing the Church to organize such a “healing program” in an auspicious location.

Church Should Consider Hospitals For “Healing Programs” –

In a point to explain to Sails the Church’s intentions to hold “healing programs” in tribal places of worship, Taram said that the Church should instead view the hospital as a place because patients there. really need to be healed. “We will always welcome our Christian brothers who ‘heal’ patients in public or private hospitals, medical camps through their programs. There is no need to disturb other religious people, ”he said.

It is important to note that Donyi devotees are innocent and naïve and thus become easy targets to cover up Christianity through “Church healing sessions”. The other prominent member of the Social Justice Forum confirmed that there have been many instances before where Christians have conducted such programs and converted tribal people.

Church-sponsored Healing Crusade posters were placed throughout Boleng town

Christians call tribal deities’ Shaitan’-

Siang Unyying Ekum belongs to the indigenous tribe where they perform all the sacred tribal rites and rituals to invoke the “Kiine Naane” deities. Christians call on deities worshiped by native believers such as shaitan, devil, Lucifer and satan and encourage converts to desecrate and destroy the places of worship of DonyiPolo believers.

As reported, the Siang District Administration had authorized the pastor to lead the healing crusade in Siang Unyying Ekum without consulting or informing Donyi Polo believers. “It hurt the whole community,” said Taram who is waiting for the appropriate police movement against the Church and the pastor.

Jerry B. Hatch