Barthélemy: Those who consider the tolerance of the Church as a weakness or an indifference are fooling themselves

On Sunday, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew sent several messages after the completion of the Divine Liturgy which took place at the Protaton Church in Karyes.

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew called on monks to do their important work for the Church and to preserve sacred traditions and “deviants” from ecclesiastical canonicity to return to the Mother Church.

“We love Mount Athos, we honor its leaders, and we are anxious whenever issues and divisions emerge,” Bartholomew said and continued, “We view this sacred place as an integral and vital part of the Great Church, we sympathize whenever long-standing issues strongly require resolution, and we eagerly and patiently await the return of deviants from the Mother Church.

We spare no effort, toil and endurance, for the correct repositioning of evil. Perhaps the tolerance of the Mother Church is seen as weakness or indifference. But such a view would be utterly wrong and unjust, for the Great Church of Christ has demonstrated and apparently proved to be the Mother the truth of all things…”

He pointed out that even the critics have confessed the tolerance of the Church and added, “There is no other way but love and patient waiting.”

The Ecumenical Patriarch noted that there is a distance between the appearance of problems in the Church and their recovery and underlined: “The Church is waiting”.

“This is what we did in the two recent cases of Ukraine and the neighboring country North Macedonia. We cannot close our ears. Sometimes after a call and sometimes ex officio against debt and responsibility, the respective patriarchs exhaust themselves for the stability of the holy Churches of God.

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew stressed that “in a philanthropic and comprehensive way” the Church heals wounds and “heals algae” and does not escape its path.

“Do not be afraid, the Church does not deviate from the straight path. He does not expel the tunic of truth, which has been woven with the grace of God and with great effort by the Holy Apostles to this day,” Patriarch Bartholomew said.

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew added that the Church “does not accept conservatism, does not promote secular imperatives at the expense of holy religions, and does not accept alien and other faith.” He also emphasized “Love and trust the great Church of Christ and your Patriarch”.

Jerry B. Hatch