Beyer Floor’s Remarks on the Inflation Reduction Act

August 12, 2022 (Washington, DC) – Representative Don Beyer, chairman of the Congressional Joint Economic Committee and member of the House Ways and Means Committee, spoke today during a House debate on the Inflation Reduction Act.

The remarks prepared by Beyer follow below:

Madam President, today we are protecting our world for future generations.

The Inflation Reduction Act will do so much good for the nation and the American people.

As my colleagues point out, the bill will reduce health care costs, lower the price of prescription drugs and create jobs.

Much like a proposal I put forward with Senators Elizabeth Warren and Angus King, it will reduce the deficit by preventing tax evasion for the nation’s largest corporations, forcing them to shoulder their fair share of the tax burden.

But above all, I am thrilled that Congress is finally taking the kind of sweeping and ambitious action we desperately need to prevent the worst effects of the climate crisis.

This is the biggest problem my constituents have sent me here to solve.

We are about to pass the largest and most important climate bill in history.

I am proud of the provisions I have written or co-written, including tax credits for

  • accelerate the adoption of zero-emission trucks, vans and other mid-size utility vehicles;
  • scale up direct air capture technology to remove carbon pollution directly from the atmosphere;
  • promote the development of green hydrogen;
  • and encourage the reduction of emissions in commercial buildings

These provisions and the bill as a whole will create a large number of well-paying jobs.

But look at the big picture: this bill will put us on the right track to meet our emission reduction goals and help save this planet.

This is the kind of work the House of the People exists for.

Madam Speaker, I thank my colleagues for their support of this historic bill and I yield.

Jerry B. Hatch