Biden’s Biggest Week, But Trump Still Dominates Headlines

The snotty and generally insufferably arrogant mainstream media may think they’re so on point with everything they put out to the public, but the reality is more like Trump’s way, even for those in that profession who aren’t fans , plays them hard, and still is.

He wins the media coverage game over and over again, even when the news about him is what most of us would consider bad.

Like this week. This week for President Biden and the Democrats has been one of the most important in US history. With a series of bills swiftly passing and signed by Biden, this is one of the most important weeks for Democrats since the heady days of FDR and LBJ.

I don’t need to rehash everything that’s been done this week to improve the lives of Americans, from the $2,000 cap on Medicare prescription drugs to a three-year extension of the Affordable Care Act, to huge funding for renewable energy infrastructure and tax credits for electric vehicles and home energy efficiency measures and more.

In addition, Biden secured the first major legislation on gun control, badly needed veterans benefits, law enforcement assistance, and expanded benefits for survivors of family members. the January 6 uprising.

On the big stuff, it was done mostly without a single Republican vote, though when it involved bipartisan support, however minimal that might have been, it was even more commendable.
Our president has never given up on working with the entire Congress to get real results for the American people — and he’s only 18 months into his presidency.

As Biden said before signing the biggest bill of all, the $300 billion+ Cut Inflation Act on Tuesday, “the American people won and special interests lost.”

He said it was the culmination of “the promise we’ve made for decades” proving that America’s promises are “real and just beginning” so that “we can all live lives of consequence” in an America “where everyone has an even shot.”

“Making progress is never easy,” he said, visibly pleased with the results achieved this week. “I believe in the very heart of this nation.”

Awesome feelings, just what the American people need to hear!

But you won’t find such lofty phrases in major media coverage of the event, whose faux cynicism reflects a fear of criticism from the other side, if not from their own corporate bosses who only admit reluctantly something good coming from Biden. and the Democrats.

That’s why the Washington Post, for example, couldn’t even find a way to put the story of the monumental and historic Inflation Reduction Act on the front page this week. Unbelievable.

By contrast, it was Trump who got the most ink that day and most of this week, compelled by his incessant yelling to offer rants and apologies for the FBI’s search of his Mar property. -a-Lago.
Trump won this latest media contest, and Lord knows that the opinion pages are all about him, even if it’s about what a freak he is. For me, and for many of my friends, we just can’t take it anymore.

When is he going to get kicked off the news and opinion pages?

He’s like an STD lesion that just won’t heal, and that’s because the mainstream media continues to glorify him, even when it comes to his multitude of crimes (which, by the way, delight many of his followers).

This problem applies to much more than Fox News, OAN or Newsmax, although of course these are Trump megaphones. But to become president again, he needs more: to dominate the airwaves of the major networks.

The good guys need to get much louder and more shrill. The very survival of democracy demands it. There is so much important good news happening now that the public needs to be exposed on a regular basis. I am known for reproducing huge chunks of Obama and Biden speeches verbatim.

If the right people are too timid to take the ball on this, then maybe we’ll just lose.

Jerry B. Hatch