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Bishop Diante Waldon said his church’s ministry is to “give hope to the hopeless.”

“We are that church for those seemingly left behind,” he said.

“We accept all people from all walks of life.”

The Cathedral of Hope is located at 209 Simpson Street, McDonough. Services are held every Sunday at 9:30 a.m. and Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. On Wednesdays at 6 p.m., the church hosts a Hope for Recovery program on Facebook.

Waldon and his wife, Pastor Yvette Waldon, founded the non-denominational church in 2002.

Bishop Diante Waldon and his wife, Pastor Yvette Waldon.
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The Waldons each grew up in Blacksville. Bishop Waldon was about eight years old when he gave his life to Christ, and Pastor Waldon became a Christian when he was 12 years old.

They each have a long history with the Shiloh Baptist Church in McDonough, which ultimately led to their current ministry. Yvette Waldon attended services at Shiloh since birth and her husband from 1984 to 1999.

Bishop Waldon, 50, began his ministry on September 16, 1996, with a sermon titled “What Are You Looking For? The purpose of this message, he said, was to follow the will of God.

“We’re looking for different things than what he’s looking for,” he said. “He continually seeks those who are lost.”

The bishop said his experiences in Shiloh helped guide his church planting efforts.

“I have worked with the youth ministry and the children’s ministry in Shiloh, and I have heard the voice of God telling me to help people come to a better relationship with him,” he said. .

Cathedral of Hope started with 11 people and has grown steadily over the years to around 75 members. Bishop Waldon said the church strives to use people’s abilities, whatever they are.

“We’re looking for talent in people, whether they’re sharp or not,” Waldon said. “We use the Word of God to help people realize the potential we see in them. Some churches have people trying to be part of the worship team. We take volunteers and sharpen the gifts they have. They don’t need to hit all the notes perfectly.

Cathedral of Hope hosts a School of the Word program, as well as weekly Bible studies, ministerial training, and individual therapy and counseling sessions. The church offers community events including a Senior Saints Bible Study and an Easter Egg Hunt and Spring Dinner.

The church also hosts a mental health awareness fair during the month of May. Bishop Waldon said at the event that the church provides mental health counselling, anger management, suicide prevention and information from the National Association for Mental Health.

“At our mental health fair, we have staff on standby to guide people that day and every day, to let them know that these services are available all the time,” he said.

The church hosts a Hope for Recovery program, for people struggling with addiction, and Lighthouse Lessons every Wednesday evening. Pastor Waldon said the latter program is designed as a “midweek taping,” offering spiritual encouragement ahead of Sunday morning.

“We all have responsibilities and life is tough,” she said. “Sometimes you need that supply, that refreshment to get through the rest of the week.”

The church also offers a vacation Bible school, back-to-school rally, Christmas festival, and toy drive each year. Bishop Waldon said such events are crucial for the church itself and for the local community.

“Churches should give back to the community,” he said. “These are necessary services.”

The church will soon begin preparations for its annual Holy Tree event, scheduled for October 30 from 1-5 p.m. Bishop Waldon described the sacred tree as the church’s “alternative” to Halloween.

“We will be handing out sweets and playing games with children as well as adults,” he said. “Our mental health services will also be available that day.”

Gladys Guallett, 66, of McDonough started attending the Cathedral of Hope two years ago. Referring to it as “the little church that could,” Guallett said the church has a heart for community.

“As silent as it is guarded, the Cathedral of Hope is small in size but mighty in heart,” said Guallett of McDonough, who attends regularly. “Cathedral of Hope Church believes in earnestly teaching the word of God through scripture, deed and way of life. They are committed to reaching those left behind by mainstream churches, remaining accessible to God’s people, equipped to empower and alert to action.

Bishop Waldon said his ministry is centered on building a better community and a better life in Christ. He strives to achieve this by “helping people understand the mission he came to fulfill and showing them the love of Jesus Christ”.

For more information, call the church at 678-756-3066.

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Jerry B. Hatch