Charlotte Church’s brilliant response to a fan who says she’s already paid the singer’s supermarket bill

Welsh singer Charlotte Church received a positive reaction after her appearance on Kate Garraway’s Life Stories on Thursday, February 17 – although a Twitter post from a viewer was a bit unexpected.

The star spoke very candidly on the ITV show and became emotional at times as she spoke of her rise to fame aged just 11 and her brief separation from her mother and father, Maria and James .

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Viewers took to social media to praise Charlotte for her openness and easy conversation with host Kate Garraway and one even posted that she had already paid for the star’s purchases at a Tesco store in Cardiff.

Ceri Bosley tweeted: “Just watching Charlotte Church on Life Stories I remember paying the rest of her shopping bill at Tesco on Western Avenue Cardiff 12 years ago because she didn’t have enough money, God bless her!”

Ceri added: “I can add that she was very young then, it was funny.”

The tweet received over 200 likes and in good spirit Charlotte herself replied to the tweet, she said: “Oh no! How much do I owe you babies?x”

Charlotte’s response received a great reaction as fans found her response both funny and sweet, with one person saying, “And Charlotte Church shows in one answer why we all love her.”

Ceri kindly wrote off Charlotte’s debt saying it’s been so long not to care and wished her well with the renovation project Charlotte is currently undertaking of Laura Ashley’s former home, which may to be seen on the television show Charlotte Church’s Dream Build.

Charlotte also received praise and positive comments for her appearance in Kate Garraway’s Life Stories, as fans said she came across as real and genuine.

One said, “#CharlotteChurch is my kind of straight girl, straightforward and damn beautiful”

Another said: ‘What a great way to meet x well done Charlotte x’

A third added: ‘Fantastic interview, so down to earth!

And: “I think I just fell a bit in love with @charlottechurch. I’ve always been very impressed with your ‘realism’ but now I’m amazed and inspired by EVERYTHING you try to do.”

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Jerry B. Hatch