Church Pension Group to Host Conversation with Church Insurance Companies – Episcopal News Service

The Church Pension Group (CPG), a financial services organization that serves the Episcopal Church, has announced that it will host a webinar with representatives from Church insurance companies ( to discuss and answer questions about P&C coverage support for the Church.

The webinar will take place on Friday, April 8, 2022, from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. ET. All clergy, lay employees, volunteers, and lay leaders who serve the Church are invited to register at

“We are delighted to welcome a conversation and answer questions about an area of ​​our business that is critical to the future well-being of Church institutions,” said Frank Armstrong, CPG’s chief operating officer. “We know property and casualty contracts are complicated and we hope this conversation will help demystify things and build the trust we work hard to earn every day.”

The panel, which will be moderated by Frank Armstrong, will feature Kelly Best, head of billing and collections and agency licensing, The Church Insurance Company of Vermont; Steve Follos, senior vice president and general manager, The Church Insurance Agency Corporation; Christopher Rourke, senior vice president and general manager, The Church Insurance Companies; and Kevin Smith, Director, Real Estate Claims, The Church Insurance Company.

Prior to the webinar, individuals are encouraged to review the Church Insurance website

CPG has hosted a number of webinars to help the Church better understand CPG’s business and operations and to discuss topics of interest to the Church. Individuals are encouraged to view past webinars with senior CPG leaders who engaged in conversations on topics ranging from pension parity to racial reconciliation and socially responsible investing. Past webinars can be viewed on CPG’s YouTube channel.

About Church Insurance Companies

Originally founded in 1929 as a fire insurance company, The Church Insurance Companies has evolved to provide extensive, cost-effective damage coverage and unique risk management strategies and tools in a financially sustainable way to churches, dioceses and institutions of the Episcopal Church. . It consists of the Church Insurance Agency Corporation, the Church Insurance Company and the Church Insurance Company of Vermont.

About the Church Retreat Group

The Church Pension Group (CPG) is a financial services organization serving the Episcopal Church. It manages three lines of business: employee benefits, insurance and publishing. CPG provides retirement, health, life insurance, and related benefits to clergy and lay employees of The Episcopal Church, as well as property and casualty insurance, and book and music publishing, including the official Church worship materials. Follow CPG on Facebook, TwitterYouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Jerry B. Hatch