Church should be involved in politics – Senator Abe –

Former Representative of Rivers South-East Senatorial District in the National Assembly, Senator Magnus Ngei Abe reiterated the need for the church to be actively involved in politics ahead of the 2023 general election.

Abe, who made the appeal addressing members of the City of David International Church, Odani, Elelenwo, Port Harcourt, as a member of the society, said whatever happens to the society affects the church.

He said, “Often people think the church shouldn’t get involved in what’s going on in society. But the church is part of society and ultimately what happens in society affects the church in every way.

“When members of your congregations continue to have problems that they cannot get help from, who will they call? When they are unable to fulfill their obligations to themselves and their families, where do they go?

“So even the church itself is powerless if we don’t work well for the people. So part of your prayers is to have a well-functioning society for those who follow you at church. This is how God will manifest himself in their lives. So what happens in society will affect you.

“If the government is not functioning well, it is those who live in Rivers State who will suffer and that will include our pastors and church members. If society is functioning well and people can prosper and be happy; is it not God who answers our prayers?

“So the credit will always go to the church. That’s why I say it’s important for the church to get involved in what’s going on in society”.

Abe said he attended primary and secondary schools in Rivers State and then in South East State free of charge because the government was functioning.

He said, “My father was a pastor; he was earning about 96 naira a month at that time which was well below minimum wage and there were five of us children. When we came back after the civil war, our last brother was born and we were now six years old.

“But because the government was working; because teachers were promptly paid, inspected, and given pride of place in their work, one could sense a functioning government.

“I was educated by the Rivers State government at St. Peters State School, Yeghe and Boys’ State School, Okrika. I left this country when my father was transferred to the South Eastern State, Calabar, which was then part of the Niger Delta Diocese, and I have always been trained free of charge by the government of the State of South East.

“So I have benefited from the kindness of people many times in my life, that’s why I’m here to ask for your support to join me in the ‘SMA 2023 project’ together we would be able to give back to society which some of us have benefited from in the past”.

Previously, the senior pastor of the church, Bishop John Enojoh, appreciated Senator Abe for his kind support to the gospel ministers and churches in the state and assured him that they would continue to pray until that he become Governor of Rivers State.

Jerry B. Hatch