Congregation seeks answers in QCA church burglary

Burglars broke into a church in Davenport and stole thousands of dollars worth of equipment over the past weekend.

Redeemed Voices pastor Dwayne Hodges noticed the equipment was missing when he showed up to get ready for Sunday morning church service early that morning, Hodges said the first thing he noticed was that the ring light had disappeared outside the building on West 3rd Street in downtown Davenport.

He then quickly realized that many electronic devices had been taken away.

Hodges reported that the WiFi router was stolen. The cameras inside the church depended on WiFi, so without the router there were no working cameras and no evidence.

Hodges says the copier, printer, speakers, television and projector were also stolen, resulting in the loss of thousands of dollars in stolen property.

“Everything related to our electronic visual equipment was gone,” Hodges reported.

Redeemed Voices wasn’t the only space in the building lacking elements. The Redeemed Voices location is home to many other businesses, all of which can be accessed inside the building.

“I noticed the other occupants of the building had a lot of clothes strewn (all over) the building, and it looks like they came out the other side of the building and came out with this stuff and walked out our door. input,” Hodges said.

He says after the police came and investigated, there was no sign of forced entry.

“Somebody has to be held accountable for that. Yes, we can forgive all we want, but somebody has to be held accountable for doing something like that,” Hodges said.

The church is collecting donations to recover their stolen items. You can donate here.

Jerry B. Hatch