Demolition of historic ‘egg church’ shocks OKC residents

First Christian Church
First Christian Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. |

A historic church building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, has been demolished due to maintenance issues, following years of efforts to preserve the structure.

The first Christian church, often called the ‘egg church’ because of its distinctive dome, was destroyed by a demolition crew on Monday, according to News KOCO 5.

City officials told local media that a permit to demolish the building was approved last Friday, with some residents expressing dismay at the decision to demolish the church.

“I think the city owes us an apology,” historic preservation activist Mark Faulk told KOCO. “You get it approved at 8:01 and they tear it down at 8:02.”

“These buildings are unique in the world. There is not another building like this in the whole world. And as we destroy our entire history in Oklahoma City, we take away our character.

Molly McBride, who had attended kindergarten in the building, told KOCO she wished “someone had tried harder” to save the church from destruction.

“It would really add a lot of pain to what is already a painful loss in the city to see something happen that doesn’t reflect the character of the neighborhood,” McBride added.

Built in 1956 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the church was noted as a place of refuge during the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, according to the Tulsa-based agency. Fox 23.

The First Christian Church had to put the property up for sale in 2016 due to rising maintenance costs for the dwindling congregation.

In 2019, a group known as the Okie Mod Squad tried to get the city council to declare the church a landmark, gaining thousands of signatures on an online site. petition.

Around the same time as the petition, a multi-site mega-church named Crossings Community Church had openly considered buying the property to turn it into another campus.

However, in August of that year, Crossings Community had decided not to pursue the purchase, explaining in a statement at the time that “the overall cost was much higher than expected”.

“It has become much more than our leaders and elders were prepared to invest; especially in light of our 60-year commitment to incur no long-term debt,” they continued.

“[While] this is not the outcome we were hoping for, we are confident that we have diligently pursued and carefully considered all aspects of this opportunity.

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