Denbigh Church offering free breakfast initiative

HELPING people have the most important meal of the day has become a hugely popular initiative in Denbigh.

St Mary’s Church, Lenten Pool, offers a free breakfast program one day a week, which could be extended due to its popularity.

Reverend Rebecca Sparey-Taylor, Mission Area Leader for Denbigh, said, “We launched the initiative in early November 2021.

“We knew that a large number of teenagers were waiting in front of the church to catch their bus to school and during the winter it is a rather cold and often wet wait.

“We also know that many children don’t have a good breakfast in the morning, which means they can’t work and concentrate properly in school.

“So we thought we’d invite them inside for something to eat and warm up.”

Ten volunteers make sure it runs every Wednesday morning which may be extended in the future and Rev Sparey-Taylor added: ‘We always have items that can be grabbed quickly in case people are late for their buses.

“So usually pre-packaged croissants or pain au chocolat, pre-filled pancakes, granola bars…apples, tangerines, bananas, boxes of raisins, bottles of water and cartons of juice .

“Hot chocolate is always a big draw.

“This week we are also testing toast with jam or chocolate spread.

“The week before they went their separate ways for Christmas, we also had bacon baps which went down well.”

The scheme was initially funded directly from church funds, but just before Christmas Clwydian Cars got in touch and they are now making a monthly donation.

“Originally, we were just looking at providing breakfast for high school students at the bus stop,” Reverend Sparey-Taylor said.

“But on the first day, when we brought out trays of food to encourage them to come in, we realized how many primary-aged children and their parents were passing.

“So we also offer them breakfast.

“So while from a safeguards perspective we are currently only offering teenagers a sit-down breakfast, we are very happy to provide anyone who needs a breakfast on the go. .

“It is possible that we continue that it can also become a space for mums, for example to come and have a coffee and a chat after dropping their children off at school.

“The feedback has been really positive. We have received so many encouraging messages on Facebook.

“The children themselves have all been so polite, they are a credit to their parents.”

Jerry B. Hatch