Editorial: We’re on Joe’s side

Here’s the problem, the mainstream media, including all-news cable channels like CNN and MSNBC, are controlled from the top not by the democratic masses in the United States, but by the offspring of international finance capital. Despite the feelings of individual reporters and commentators, when it comes to shaping the overall narrative of news coverage, the descendants win. There’s a lot of documentation on nested directions and so on that shows this. This is without taking into account openly propagandist elements such as Fox News.

From the point of view of this “big picture”, one can discern a constant bias with which one must struggle daily to obtain something like an accurate picture of what is happening. Those who don’t try to apply this lens to what they see and hear on the “news” fall prey to all the inclinations as presented. In general, there is a definite bias, for example, against President Joe Biden. He’s a badass, he must have been throughout his remarkable political career, and he has withstood the relentless barrage of negative characterizations of his age, his speech (he fought against a obstacle all his life) and his inability to just wave a wand and make his way to Washington.

Against this backdrop, the past two weeks have seen a remarkable and impressive array of positive achievements for which the President can take credit. That’s why, despite all attempts to escalate him, we’re firmly on Joe’s side.

The latest was yesterday’s announcement that inflation would slow in July. And most important of all is the early House vote and the signing of the Cut Inflation Act later this week. This will make Biden one of the most legislatively successful presidents of the modern era. With it, in its first year and a half, it will have achieved the following: the $1.9 trillion American Recovery Act, the $550 billion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the Chips and Science Act of this week to $280 billion and the Inflation Reduction Act. at $700 billion.

It’s a nearly $3.5 trillion program. The scope is equally impressive: the pandemic and its economic fallout, highways, bridges, broadband, rail, manufacturing, science, prescription drug prices, health insurance, climate change, deficit reduction and tax fairness.

He also expanded NATO, passed a new gun safety law and passed a bill he signed into law yesterday to address the effects on veterans exposed to toxic burning stoves. Five of those seven laws — all but the two most important, the American Recovery Act and the Inflation Reduction Act — won notable Republican support.

There is not much debate anymore about whether Biden was a consecutive president. In the long run, its first 18 months might be remembered as LBJ’s when it came to pushing an agenda through Congress. Joe achieved this despite two bouts with Covid. Not too bad! In fact, we would say downright amazing.

Jerry B. Hatch