Encouraging church members to be active in political parties – Etigwe

The church must play a very active role in bringing about positive change

Etigwe Uwa (SAN), former gubernatorial aspirant in Abia State on the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) platform, called on churches and other places of worship to encourage their members to be active in political parties.

He called on churches and other religious organizations in the country to get drastic with their memberships.

He spoke in Calabar on Tuesday while delivering his message of goodwill as the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria (PCN) celebrated its 176th anniversary, when it elected its new Prelate and other key leaders in the church.

He said that may sound drastic but the country is in an emergency or war situation which demands that Nigerians fight to take back the country from those who ruled it badly.

“If Nigeria doesn’t change, there won’t be a country for a long time.”

The senior advocate called on Nigerians to depend on God to select leaders in next year’s general election, expressing concern that the country was in dire straits after recklessly borrowing as a nation from so that today most of its foreign income cannot repay its foreign debts.

He said it was a coincidence that this year’s CPN elections were a precursor to next year’s Nigerian general elections, urging all to become spiritual, to seek the face of God for better leaders to be selected.

Focusing on the selection of the new Prelate and Moderator as well as other senior NCP officers, Uwa “Now is not the time to be led by your tribe or led by the synod and presbytery moderators.

“It is a time to be led by the Holy Spirit, and anyone who wants to stand in his way can be uprooted like Herod. He urged the Church to be sanitized so that it could lead change in the country.

“So let’s get it right and then we can demand a just government for our nation.”

Uwa, who is in court over the results of the gubernatorial primaries in his state, explained that he got involved in the gubernatorial race to lead his people and transform the state’s economy into Nigeria’s largest economy.

“But unfortunately the primaries did not go as planned and we are in court to collect our ticket which we believe was wrongfully taken away from us. We covet your prayers. involve in the management of Nigeria.

“The trend must be stopped and reversed and if that is to happen the church must play a very active role in bringing about positive change.”

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