EP Church has made a monumental contribution to nation building-Veep

Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia launched the 175th anniversary celebration of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Ghana on Sunday, acknowledging its enormous contributions to national development.

He said the Church had been a reliable, trusted, and formidable agent of societal transformation, civilization, and progress.

The year-long celebration is themed, “A 175-Year Journey in Ministry: Accomplishments, Challenges, and the Way Forward.”

Vice President Bawumia believed the celebration would strengthen their faith in the Lord and reposition the church as a great contributor to the moral, spiritual and socio-economic well-being of the people and humanity at large.

“The gains we made as a nation before and after independence in moral, spiritual and socio-economic development would not have been entirely possible without the active participation of the church,” Dr Bawumia said. .

“Indeed, we cannot mention any monumental contribution of the church to nation-building without acknowledging the role of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Ghana. Before Ghana attained independence in 1957, the church had already come into being on Sunday, November 14, 1847, through the missionary effort of the North German Missionary Society (Bremen Mission),” he added.

The Vice President noted that the Church has played a vital role in the emergence and development of formal education in the country.

He said, for example, that the pioneer missionaries started several socio-economic initiatives such as clinics, hospitals, schools and agricultural stations, and many others that complemented the work of the colonial administrations in the development of the nation.

Dr Bawumia observed that the 175 years of the life of EP Church Ghana was worth celebrating, especially considering the huge sacrifices pioneer missionaries like Rev. Lorenz Wolf, Quinuius, Daeuble and Pleasing had to make. to bring the light of the gospel to Africa and Ghana.

The vice president recognized the many educational institutions undertaken by the church, including more than 500 basic and tertiary institutions such as Mawuli, Mawuko, EP high schools in Hohoe, Saboba, Tatale, as well as vocational schools and technical, as well as colleges of education.

“You have also gained the enviable reputation of having established the first university in all the Volta and Oti regions – the Evangelical Presbyterian University College.

“Your health centers in Wapuli, Ho, Dambai, Blajai, among others, associated with your many relief and development projects in the fields of agricultural development, the fight against climate change, HIV programs / AIDS and tuberculosis, among others, have added to your endless list of achievements over the past seventeen and a half decades of your existence,” said Dr Bawumia.

The Vice President commended the church for devoting portions of the celebration to reflecting on its challenges and thus underscored the need for all well-meaning Ghanaians to pool their resources to rebuild the economy, ravaged by the crisis. coronavirus pandemic and the Russian-Ukrainian war. .

“The challenges that have plagued our world over the past decades and today, such as COVID-19 and the Russian-Ukrainian war with their attendant effects, have spared no institution, and EP Church Ghana does not no exception.

“As you therefore consider strategies to overcome your challenges and strategize for the way forward in the decades to come, may we all unite in our collective and nationalistic efforts to rebuild our nation and recover from the internal and external devastation that have hit our economy very hard,” advised Dr Bawumia.

He pleaded with the Church to roll out more socio-economic interventions like its water production company, which would be commissioned on Thursday, August 18, 2022, to create jobs and contribute to the overall gross domestic product (GDP) of the nation.

“The PE Church should also consider deploying interventions that would create opportunities to develop the nation’s human capital, especially the large youth who have benefited from free education, and who therefore urgently need opportunities to contribute their quota to our nation – build quests,” the vice president pointed out.

In addition to economic and development issues, Dr. Bawumia urged the Church to be concerned with building a peaceful nation, noting that the recent Global Peace Index placed Ghana as the second most peaceful country in Africa. sub-Saharan.

He said such a remarkable feat must be guarded jealously without any compromise since the Bible and the Quran have emphasized peace.

Rev. Dr. Setri Nyomi, Chairman of the Board of the Evangelical Presbyterian University College in Ho, said the PE Church has impacted the nation in so many ways including providing educational facilities, water drinking water and resolving ethnic conflicts.

He said the Church had been a voice for the marginalized and vulnerable in society and urged members to continue to uphold discipline, hard work and accountability as a hallmark of the Church and to refrain from any act of mediocrity in public and private life.

Jerry B. Hatch