Evangel Church Team Heads to Alaska for Mission Trip – Shelby County Reporter

By EMILY REED | Special for the journalist

A group of 15 from Evangel Church PCA recently traveled to Alaska for a short-term mission trip.

The group left Alabaster on July 8 for a trip led by Thirst Missions and headed for Palmer, Alaska.

The team was led by Benny Collins.

According to the church’s Facebook page, the group landed in Anchorage, Alaska, where they then spent most of the trip in Palmer, about 45 minutes north of Anchorage.

The group partnered with Pioneer Baptist Church and Pastor Mark Fontecchio.

The team served the church and community through service projects and the Vacation Bible School.

“They were able to meet people who need the love of Jesus in their lives and created memories they will never forget,” according to a statement provided by Thirst Missions.

During some of the group’s free time on the trip, they visited Byron Glacier, the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, and Virgin Creek Falls. The group saw different beautiful sights and varieties of Alaskan wildlife.

“Alaska truly is the final frontier, as their state motto indicates,” the statement read.

The trip ended on July 15.

Thirst Missions is based in Forest Lake, Minnesota, and has been organizing and leading mission trips since 2008.

Thirst Missions, the world leader in short-term missions, has led groups on trips to Alaska, Appalachia, Belize and Puerto Rico.

“Whether it’s poverty, homelessness, alcoholism or other struggles, churches in these areas need love and support,” the statement said. “Thirst Missions teams partner with on-site churches while taking care of all logistics and planning, so group members can lead the ministry, while building lasting relationships. Thirst Missions looks forward to serving with Evangel Church PCA in the future.

Jerry B. Hatch