Faith in Action: January 23, 2022 – California Housing

Every week at All Saints Church, we put our faith into action. This week, we urge our state legislators and Governor Gavin Newsom to support substantial and transformative changes in housing policies.

Between 2011 and 2017, LA built just 1 house for every 5.55 jobs created in our area. Combined with widespread bans on apartments even in job-rich urban centers, LA County is short of more than 800,000 new homes, as well as more than 60,000 homeless neighbors living on the streets. More than half of tenant families have had to reduce their basic needs to pay rent, and many have gone into debt just to stay safe. With the Covid-19 pandemic far from over, housing the homeless, helping families stay housed and increasing housing affordability should all be top priorities for 2022.

We have had breakthrough successes in reducing exclusionary zoning and legalizing more homes in 2021, but we need to do more to solve the housing crisis. We need more reforms to legalize more housing close to jobs, make it easier to build housing, fund affordable housing and strengthen tenants’ rights. Housing reform will help lower rents, end homelessness and shorten commutes – it benefits us all.

Additionally, we are specifically asking our legislators and our governor to support three bills:

  • AB 854 (Lee) will fill in the gaps in the Ellis Act. The Ellis Act was passed to help long-term rental property owners get out of the rental market. The law has been abused by bad actors who don’t actually want to exit the rental market, but just want to flip properties. Allow most low-income, elderly and disabled tenants to be evicted from their homes through no fault of their own and take rental units off the market. AB 854 will end the predatory evictions that have continued during the pandemic.
  • AB 889 (Gipson) will require business owners to disclose their identity and make that information publicly available and make it harder for bad actors to circumvent liability for their for-profit purchasing practices and rental terms .
  • AB 1199 (Gipson) will tax larger business owners and discourage further consolidation of ownership in the hands of the few, while addressing the impacts of such consolidation by supporting tenant relief and small family landlords, homebuyer education, affordable housing and homelessness, and job training.

Please send a letter to your state lawmakers and the governor demanding real, substantial and transformative change in housing.

Options to act:

  1. Download a PDF copy of this action letter to sign and send to your members from California State Senator, California State Assembly and Governor Gavin Newsom.
  2. You can tailor the message and/or action letter to your email.
  3. Use the housing reform action on the Abundant Housing LA site.

Use the following links to find:

Your CA State Assembly Members, and

Your members of the California State Senate,


If you ever need to look up your member of the United States House of Representatives or your United States Senators, check here: and

Jerry B. Hatch