How Nephi ministered after the visitation of the resurrected Savior

After the Savior’s ascension to heaven following His first post-resurrection appearance in the ancient Americas, Nephi and the disciples began to teach and serve as instructed by Jesus Christ.

The Book of Mormon Videos episode released on Friday, November 11 shows people sharing their experiences with each other and praying together after learning from disciples.

Nephi baptizes those who believe in the Savior and wish to repent of their sins.

Nephi baptizes those who believe in the Savior after His post-resurrection appearance in an episode of Book of Mormon videos released November 11, 2022.

The Savior visits Nephi and his people a second time and prays to Heavenly Father with gratitude and a call for unity.

“Father, I pray for them, and also for all those who will believe in their words, that they may believe in me, that I may be in them like you, Father, you are in me, that we may be one” (3 Nephi 19:23).

The video shows the Savior commending the people for their faith in Him which enabled Him to perform miracles greater than those of His mortal ministry among the Jews.

After observing them praying, the Savior told the Nephites to “pray again” (3 Nephi 19:26).

This eight-minute episode and the rest of those released as part of the Book of Mormon video series can be viewed at

3 Nephi Is the “Climax” of the Book of Mormon Video Project

The selection process that determined which stories would be included in the Book of Mormon video series involved many Church leaders and representatives from different Church departments.

Bill Elliott, media director for the church’s Priesthood and Family Department, said 3 Nephi and its depiction of the Savior’s visit to the ancient Americas has always been considered the most important part to include. , even when it was difficult to choose which other stories would be filmed.

“It’s really hard to cut anything. … But we understood what we would do. We started with 1 Nephi, then we worked through 2 Nephi and Jacob, and we went through 3 Nephi — which was the culmination, the biggest part,” Elliott said. “That was going to be our most important thing, obviously, with the Savior’s visit.”

He shared his thoughts on a dusty, hot summer morning at the Motion Picture Studio in Provo, Utah, while filming season five of the Book of Mormon videos June 17.

Elliott and the thousands of others who have been involved in the project have worked hard for years to bring the stories of the Book of Mormon to life, and he said he is proud of the work done by the entire team. But watching the videos is not what he most hopes for.

“My own feeling has always been that it’s not about replacing scripture,” he said. “It’s a springboard for studying the scriptures.”

Elliott said he saw cast and crew members testify of Heavenly Father’s guidance in their lives throughout the project. Many of them left other jobs and responsibilities to work on this project, he said. And they did it because of the importance of the message.

“It’s not just about making movies. It is about sharing the testimony of the Savior with the world.

Episode release schedule

Book of Mormon videos have been or will be released on the following schedule:

  • October 7: “Jesus Christ teaches and gives the power to baptize” | 3 Nephi 11–12
  • October 14: “Jesus Christ teaches how to live the higher law” | 3 Nephi 12–14
  • 21st of October: “Jesus Christ testifies of one flock and one shepherd” | 3 Nephi 15–16
  • October 28: “Jesus Christ and the angels serve with compassion” | 3 Nephi 17
  • November 4: “Jesus Christ introduces the sacrament” | 3 Nephi 18
  • November 11: “The Minister of Disciples and Jesus Christ pray for the people” | 3 Nephi 19
  • November 18: “Jesus Christ Explains How He Will Gather Israel” | 3 Nephi 20-23
  • November 25: “Jesus Christ Proclaims the Name of His Church and His Doctrine” | 3 Nephi 27

Jerry B. Hatch