Jilin Church Holds Online Thanksgiving Service for Fall Harvest

A church in northeast China’s Jilin Province held an online thanksgiving praise meeting on the fall harvest.

Senior Pastor Yan Peng of Haikou Road Church in Changchun City, along with pastoral staff, is hosting an online Thanksgiving celebration on Nov. 6, according to the church.

Before the service, the pastors contacted their employees and established a temporary worship group of thanksgiving, so that believers could worship God by “meeting in the cloud”. They expressed their gratitude and praise to God through WeChat voice and video recordings.

After the opening prayer, the choir performed the dance “Sing Hallelujah”. After the poem was read, another group performed the dances “We Walk Together on This Road” and “Good Co-workers”. There were a total of almost 60 scholarship, group and individual programs.

In his final prayer, Pastor Zhang Xizhi said they had a different day of thanksgiving this year and although they could not meet in the church, the epidemic could not. prevent them from praising with gratitude.

– Translated by Livingstones


Jilin Church Holds Online Thanksgiving Service for Fall Harvest

Jerry B. Hatch