Josh Scott promises part of $1,000 in church winnings if he finishes first at US Mullet Championships

Screenshot from Facebook / @mulletchampUSA

Who would have guessed that cultivating a mule could help the church accomplish the work of the Lord? Josh Scott, a 16-year-old from Frankfort, Kentucky, qualified for the final of the United States Mullet Championshipsand if he wins the $1,000 prize, he plans to donate part of it to his church.

“They’ve done so much for me, why not do something for them?” Scott says WKYT News. “I never thought a mule would help me help my church. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Josh Scott reaches Mullet Championship final

The mullet is a hairstyle where the hair is cut short in front and long behind. Whereas there is evidence that people wore the hairstyle hundreds or even thousands of years ago, the mullet tends to be associated with the 1980s, especially with actors and rock stars. credits the Beastie Boys with coining the term “mullet” in their 1994 song, “Mullet Head”, although the phrase “mullet head” appears years before in the 1967 film, “Cool Hand Luke” and in the 80s sitcom, “Cheers”.

The style fell into disuse after the 80s, with many seeing it as a joke and a serious fashion mistake. However, Mike Stanley, the owner of the Hair Deposit where Josh Scott gets his hair cut, says he has a lot of customers who wear mullets. “It’s coming back,” Stanley said. “It was a lower-class haircut then, but now…I get businessmen wearing them.”

The USA Mullet Championships website offers mullet competitions for children, teens and men and also offers a “Femullet” category for women. The site lists 10 ways to style a mullet. Scott’s is the “Kentucky waterfall,” a style where a distinguishing feature is longer sideburns.

Josh Scott started farming his mule in 2019. His mum wasn’t thrilled, but Scott pointed out that his dad had a mule in 1989, and “then she couldn’t say much.”

The teenager says her hairstyle is getting mixed reviews from people. Some advise him to cut it and others to keep it, but he is determined to be true to himself. “A lot of people say you get more girls if you cut it,” he said. “In this way, I say, ‘I’m going to be myself.’ I love it, so I’m not going to get rid of it.

Jerry B. Hatch