Keeseville Good Shepherd Church of the Nazarene Celebrates 40 Years

Nov. 11 – KEESEVILLE – Keeseville Good Shepherd Church of the Nazarene celebrates 40 years of life and ministry at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, November 13.

The church is located at 124 Hill St.


“This church, from what I was told, were members who were part of the Plattsburgh Church of the Nazarene who lived in Keeseville,” said Pastor Noelle Eichenberger, senior pastor of the Keeseville Good Shepherd Church of the Nazarene.

“It was in the 80s, and the gas crisis was happening. The members had started a vacation Bible school in their backyard because they had no way to bring the kids who were coming to Plattsburgh because they had their own children. So they decided they wanted to start a church in Keeseville.”

A group of founding members began meeting in the Civic Center library.

“They rented the building,” she said.

“Six years later, they dreamed of having their own property and that’s where we are now. And the way they did it, it’s just amazing how God moved. They built a building very quickly, and they had very little debt. They had a lot of donations. Any debt they had, they paid it off very quickly. They were able to make an addition.


The church was named Good Shepherd in honor of Reverend Robert Wanner of the Plattsburgh Church of the Nazarene.

“He was a pastor there, and the church was named after him, in memory of him, because he was a good shepherd,” Eichenberger said.

“One of the great things about talking to different members of the church, I’ve heard consistently over the years that this is a church where all people are welcome and all people feel at home. When they come in, they feel like theirs. It’s really a testimony of people who have been members of the church down through the years, it’s just a really loyal, really kind, giving bunch of people.

“I think it goes back to the very beginning and the desire to have a place to train these kids who came to this vacation Bible school in the garden”


Currently, the church has 30 members, who attend regularly, and 40 full members.

“We have members who have moved on, and they are still very connected to the church,” she said.

The church operates with in-person services, but some congregation members attend via Zoom or live sermons on the church’s Facebook page.

“It was a development of COVID,” Eichenberger said.

“I came to this church in February 2020, and preached six Sundays in person, and then it all stopped. So, we went fully online. It was Father’s Day, we went back to services in person with masks and social distancing, of course.”

Zoom has been essential for the ministry of the church.

“We have a lot of seniors in our congregation, and we have a few people, because of a weakened immune system, they can’t come to services in person,” she said.

“The beautiful thing about Zoom is that even if you don’t have a computer, people can call and listen on their phones. We have a few people who call and listen on the phone, and they do the same for the online prayer meeting and bible study.They call so it’s like they’re talking on the phone with us which is really cool.


Sunday’s 40th anniversary program will feature remarks, in person and video messages, from past pastors.

“They share a bit of the history of the church, share a bit of what they saw God do while they were at Keeseville Good Shepherd,” Eichenberger said.

“We may have a few baptisms. I don’t know for sure if people want to be baptized. I’ll post about where we’re going and where God is leading us.

“It’s a celebration of what has been and the prospect of what God has planned for the future of our church. We’ll have the celebration, and after that we’ll have some refreshments and just a moment of fellowship and prayer. and just being together to celebrate.”

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