Lord’s Chosen Church turns 19

Through Vera Sagesse-Bassey

the The charismatic ministry chosen by the Lord, Ijesha, Lagos, on December 24, 2021, recorded 19 years. The day was celebrated with pop and ceremony.

The leaders and other church members danced forward toward the altar with offerings and hearts of thanksgiving to appreciate God for His blessings upon them.

Different groups in the church, ranging from the media branch to the foreign missions and the inauguration, among other workers, also presented their thanksgiving offerings.

Other activities marking the anniversary included singing services by the children’s, youth, campus, Yoruba and adult departments.

The anniversary coincided with the church’s special two-day program, titled “Only God Can Do This.” Indeed, the church leadership and the membership unanimously agreed that it was only God who had helped them thus far.

The founder of the church, Pastor Lazarus Muoka, in his sermon, from Psalms 107: 8-9, called on members to always show gratitude to God, stressing that this would push the hand of God to do more for them.

“We cannot thank God enough for what He has done for our families and this ministry. In 19 years, we have experienced wonders like never before, not even in our previous places of worship, ”he said.

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Muoka pointed out that God went the extra mile for the good of the “elect” and filled the lips of the people with testimonies.

While reminding members that no matter how many resources they give to the things of God, they would always be indebted to God, ghe said, “God has made the war stop. So whatever our challenges, the problem we are going through will one day end. So people shouldn’t be discouraged no matter what they are going through.

Recounting the goodness of God over the years, Muoka referred to 50-year-old church member Toju Jamerigbe, who testified of how God healed him of liver disease for over six years. month.

The man, while sharing his testimony, recalled how he had heard the pastor pray for anyone lying down and unable to use certain vital parts of their body, and he immediately grabbed it.

Hearing the voice, Jamerigbe said that life immediately fell on the dead part of his body. Exercising his faith, he said he removed the tubes that were connected to his system and found that all parts of his body were working.

Additionally, the testimony of a woman paralyzed for 57 years but who was healed after one of the church’s programs was also used to encourage the congregation that God can do anything, especially for those who put their trust in it. in him.

He reminded people that anything in their life that defies human remedies, the Lord would do for them. He assured them that because of the anniversary of the church, God would give them a double blessing.

Jerry B. Hatch