Methodist Church must dissociate itself from anti-Mahama comments – Agbodza

Kwame Governs Agbodza, MP for Adaklu

Former Methodist bishop takes aim at John Mahama

Mahama promises to repeal E-Levy in 2025

NDC Activists Reject Ex-Bishop’s Comments

Governs Kwame Agbodza, MP for Adaklu in the Volta Region, has called on the Methodist Church in Ghana to dissociate itself from remarks made by a former Bishop of Obuasi, Stephen Bosomtwe Ayensu.

Bishop Ayensu has publicly stated that former President John Mahama will not gain power in 2025 let alone act on a promise to repeal the Electronic Transfer Levy (E-Levy).

Mahama promised last week at a public conference that at the next National Democratic Congress, NDC, the government would remove the tax handle.

According to Agbodza, while there was nothing wrong with the clergy criticizing a politician, the former bishop’s comments were partisan politics. He tweeted that it was important for the Methodist Church to dissociate itself from the comment.

“There is nothing wrong with the clergy criticizing politicians. But the conduct of (the) Reverend Ayensu is pure partisan politics. The Methodist Church must dissociate itself from its conduct,” the tweet read.

Bishop Ayensu’s views draw applause

John Dramani Mahama, in a public lecture last week, said the next National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration would abolish the E-Levy.

While addressing reporters at the 25th Synod of the Methodist Church at Mount Zion Methodist Church in Obuasi, the former bishop said John Mahama’s promise to drop the E-Levy was d influence Ghanaians to vote for him in 2024.

The cleric also underlined his support for the fiscal handle and appealed to the citizens to accept it as a means of generating much-needed revenue for development as well.

The comments drew applause from NDC members who criticized the clergyman along with others like Agbodza, calling on the Church to immediately dissociate itself from the comments.

Jerry B. Hatch