Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church set to reopen

ST. PARISH OF LANDRY, The. (KLFY) – After three years of planning and reconstruction, Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church in St. Landry Parish is ready to reopen.

The pastor of Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, the Reverend Gerald Toussaint, told News 10 that “the process started in a dark place with the burning of the church. The church was 147 years old and all of a sudden someone burnt it down and you don’t know what the future holds or how it will be rebuilt. But we had faith that we would rebuild.

After the church burned down in 2019, Toussaint said donations were coming in from around the world to help rebuild.

“God used a lot of people to do it and we can only give God that it was done that way; because we received donations from all 50 states and 20 other countries, so we know we had help from somewhere, it was divine help,” Toussaint said.

When the congregation enters the service on Sunday, Toussaint told News 10 they will feel like conquerors.

“I know a scripture that says ‘No weapon formed against us shall prosper because we are more than conquerors’ and when we go there Sunday morning that’s how we are going to feel, like conquerors, because we have conquered “, said Toussaint. “God restored us and gave us back a much more beautiful building than the one we had before. Reborn from the ashes !”

The first service at the New Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church will be November 6 at 2:00 p.m.

Jerry B. Hatch