Parents file petition against Catholic church for school mismanagement

PARENTS and guardians of children at Hama High School in Masvingo petitioned the institution run by the Roman Catholic Church to demand a change in the administration of schools.

In a letter written to the Education Secretary of the Diocese of Gweru, Bishop Rudolf Nyandoro, dated December 6, 2021, the parents said the poor situation at the school warranted an immediate change in administration.

“We sent our children to Hama High School based on the school’s past performance, but we were greatly disappointed with the current situation. Ultimately, we are asking for a change in the current school administration before the situation gets out of hand, ”the letter reads in part.

“Since January, our children have not learned. In most subjects, they just wrote three pages of notes. Classes do not receive the same attention, with some classes falling far ahead of others in certain subjects such as math. Some Form 1 classes only did one subject in this subject. Since last year, teachers have reportedly been on strike and learning is minimal.

They also complained about the institution’s inability to provide some basic learning facilities in the face of technological advancements.

“The school needs a viable back-up power plan, preferably solar, to allow learners to go to study after school. Currently, learners do not go to study after class. Hama High must adopt technologies such as WiFi and email to allow teachers and children to access the Internet during times of lockdown and facilitate easier communication with parents, ”they added.

Contacted for comment, Vurayayi school principal Joseph Magomo said he was in isolation.

“I am sick at home, I was diagnosed with COVID-19 yesterday and am unaware of the petition,” Magomo said NewsDay.

However, the parents said they filed several complaints about it but there had been no change.

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Jerry B. Hatch