Parliament approves UGX 21 billion for Church of Uganda

By Herbert Zziwa

The budget committee approved an additional budget of UGX 21 billion as compensation for the Church of Uganda land occupied by part of Entebbe Airport. This followed a call from the church, which claims it needs money urgently to pay off part of the church household’s $ 60 billion debt.

The additional 21.2 billion UGX to settle the debt of the Church of Uganda was rejected earlier when Parliament approved the additional 3.8 trillion UGX.

The budget committee found that the money had been requested by the Land Ministry, but the government’s land compensation is supposed to be put to the Ugandan Land Commission for a vote.

The Church of Uganda has since petitioned the Ministry of Finance and the Budget Committee regarding the request. The funds are urgently needed to pay off part of the UGX 60 billion debt they owe Equity Bank for the funded Church House project.

After Monday’s session, the committee approved this request.

“The Church in Uganda has been asking for this money for a long time. They also have other obligations with Equity Bank, I am told, for Church House. So this money is urgently needed for them to pay off the outstanding loan, ”budget committee vice-chair Wamakuyu Mudimi told NTV Uganda.

“The Church of Uganda Supplementary Budget was part of the Main Supplementary Budget. It was simply postponed because the committee wanted clarification and documents from the Department of Finance, which it provided. The committee now found it necessary to clarify, ”said Igara East MP Micheal Mawanda.

The 15-acre land, for which compensation has been requested, is located between the runway at Entebbe Airport and the National Animal Genetic Resources Center (NAGRC).

Just as the Ministry of Finance has designated the elimination of the budget, budget support and domestic borrowing as sources of financing for all of the complementary, Vice-President Wamukuyu Mudimi fears that the government will be able to finance this complementary.

“This is not the first time. Often times we adopt the supplement, but due to financial pressures they don’t fund it. We don’t know if the entire application will be funded,” Mudimi said.

Under Article 25 (6) of the Public Financial Administration Law, the 2015 payment can approve a supplementary budget for unavoidable and unforeseeable expenses.

Jerry B. Hatch