Pedro Sánchez decides that the Ombudsman investigate abuses in the Church

  • Catholic Church La Salle investigates three new complaints of sexual abuse, including two in Galicia
  • abuses The PNV asks Sánchez to form a group of experts to investigate pederasty in the Church

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has decided that the investigation into the abuses committed within the Church is carried out through the Ombudsman with the help of a commission created for this purpose and composed of experts and other groups.

Sánchez had previously said he had an idea of ​​how to investigate the abuses but would not make a decision before meet one of the victims, the writer Alejandro Palomaswhich he received last Thursday at the Palacio de la Moncloa.

Finally, according to information from El País and Moncloa sources have confirmed to Efe, there will be no parliamentary commission of inquiry and the task of gathering all the data will be carried out through the Ombudsman , the institution responsible for What is Angel Gabilondo?.

But be the Parliament the one who must approve this way promoted by Sánchez, since the Socialist Group in Congress will present a non-law proposal on Monday in which the Ombudsman is responsible for writing a report on abuses in the Church.

A task in which the institution will have a independent commission of opinion which is intended to be composed of experts, representatives of the victims, the Church and various public administrations.

The objective is to determine the responsibilities, repair the victims and public policy planning oriented towards the prevention and attention of these cases, and, for this, the report that is carried out will be sent both to Parliament and to the Government.

Sánchez defended the need for this investigation regardless of the decision of the State Attorney General’s Office to ask the regional prosecutor’s offices to send him all complaints and complaints in assault procedure and sexual abuse of minors committed by clerics.

“The prosecution did what it had to do,” said the Prime Minister this week before meeting Alejandro Palomas, the writer who revealed that he had been the victim of sexual abuse by a La Salle teacher from Premi de Mar. (Barcelona). . ) when he was 8 years old.

Palomas, after his meeting with the President of the Government, andsaid he was satisfied with Sánchez’s commitment, and this Sunday, after learning of the decision to investigate through the Ombudsman, he wrote on social media that “today is a great day”.

“The echo of many small voices is, added everything, an earthquake“, he added.

Sánchez ultimately chose to entrust the task to the Ombudsman instead of supporting a congressional commission of inquiry as championed in a United We Can, ERC and EH Bildu initiative that was addressed on Tuesday at the Chamber Table.

The PSOE had already expressed its doubts about the effectiveness of this route since they assure that they claim that the investigation don’t run at the show.

The spokesman and general secretary of the Episcopal Conference, Luis Argello, also considered this week that a commission in Congress is not the appropriate place to investigate the cases of pederasty in the church because “the political stakes and the need for support will have more influence than the real interest of the victims”.

Jerry B. Hatch