Purchase of Bournemouth Church Hall for homeless center not complete

FURTHER investigative work on a Bournemouth parish hall is needed before the council can acquire it and create a new centralized center to support the homeless.

BCP Council Chiefs approved plans to purchase St Stephen’s Church Hall in May last year.

Councilor Drew Mellor, leader of the council, recently said the health center was a key part of the local authority’s investment in helping homeless members of the community.

However, the acquisition of the hall in St Stephen’s Way was not completed eight months after the plans were approved by cabinet.

Councilor Hazel Allen, senior member of the BCP Council on Homelessness, said: “The procurement process is still ongoing and not yet finalized.

“Disposal of ownership for the sale of properties always takes time and this situation is further complicated by the requirements of the Charities Act.

“Due diligence is progressing, including the need for further investigative work before any sale.”

The planned central hub would offer counseling services in addition to healthcare delivery.

The investment, which is partly funded by the government, aims to address concerns that the current arrangement with a range of different organizations providing services often results in duplication of effort as well as the ability to travel for multiple appointments. you.

Alongside health care, the central hub would provide advice on debt, housing and employment to help people quickly access advice and help them get off the streets.

“The Health Center concept will bring together multidisciplinary work for people affected by homelessness, in related areas such as health, housing and social care,” said Cllr Allen.

Clr Hazel Allen

“He will provide help with mental health and addictions, and to ensure that that care and support is coordinated to achieve the best outcomes.”

The cost of acquiring the parish hall for the health center project has not been made public by the council.

Jerry B. Hatch