Read about 15 new stake presidents—called from Nicaragua to Nigeria

New participation

A new pile was created from the Hyde Park Utah and North Logan Utah piles. The Hyde Park Utah North Park Stake, which includes the Pioneer Retreat Branch and the neighborhoods of Aspen Meadows, Green Canyon, Greenville, Hyde Park 3rd, Hyde Park 9th, Hyde Park 10th, and Meadow View, was established by Elder Allen D Haynie, General Authority Seventy, and Robert T. Smith, Area Seventy.

HYDE PARK UTAH NORTH PARK STAKE: (March 27, 2022) Chair — Brad Max Benson, 52, Senior Director of Intel Corporation; wife, Cheryl Ann Papworth Benson. Advisors — Randall Dee Bennion, 56, school administrator for the Cache County School District; wife, Julie Ann Glover Bennion. Royce Leon Yorgason, 58, business broker; wife, Dawn Michelle Oyler Yorgason.

Reorganized stakes

PARTICIPATION ARIMO IDAHO: (September 18, 2022) President — Bryan James Stucki, 48, Idaho Central Credit Union mortgage underwriter; succeeding Kurttis B. Smith; wife, Kristen Hall Stucki. Advisors — Stephen Vernal Sutton, 45, general dentist and partner of ARCH Dental Partners; wife, Quincy Anderson Sutton. Martin T Pope, 46, a Marsh Valley School District science teacher, Yago Ranch farmhand and self-employed construction worker; wife, Bekki Dahl Pope.

BATON ROUGE LOUISIANA STAKE: (August 28, 2022) Chair — isaac michael jones, 36, chief operating officer of Amazon; succeeding Eric J. Bascom; wife, Leah Jane Pearce Jones. Advisors — Seth Bernard Richardson, 43, National Sales Director of Platinum Funding Group; wife, Courtney Gae Carlson Richardson. Ryan Lee Nelson, 47, department chair and professor at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette; wife, Tammie Rae Lindblom Nelson.

CHINANDEGA NICARAGUA WEST STAG: (September 11, 2022) President — Hector Antonio Romero Potosme, 37, MINED-Nicaragua and Monte Rosa SA Masters in Education; succeeding Norman R. Vado; wife, Karla Patricia Arauz Tercero. Advisors — Oscar Danilo Valdivia Reyes, 45, industrial mechanic Ingenio Monte Rosa Pantalón SA; wife, Yahaira Sabely De Valdivia. Joshua Andres Centeno Zapata, 46 years old, senior technical support from Comercializadora de Mani SA; wife, Gladys Raquel Miranda de Centeno.

HUNTINGTON BEACH CALIFORNIA NORTH STAG: (September 25, 2022) Chair — Jarrod Scott Morgan, 49, executive director of Whittier Hills Healthcare Center; succeeding Clay E. Johnson; wife, Jennifer Lynn Leidecker Morgan. Advisors — Luis Gerardo Perez, 55, owner of Costa Mesa Transmission and Auto Care; wife, Nancy Elizabeth Perez-Martinez. Scott Anthony Smith, 47, business and IT partner of TopGolf Callaway; wife, Stephanie Lynne Ferguson Smith.

JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA SOUTH Stake: (September 18, 2022) President — Michel Sean Lavoie, 49, Regional Vice President of Uniti Fiber; succeeding David K. Bennion; wife, Lisa Nielson Lavoie. Advisors — Jeffrey Wayne Oldham, 62, system analyst at Xerox Corporation; wife, Colette Binkley Oldham. David Nylas Carlson, 45, a physician at Memorial Hospital Jacksonville; wife, Anika Christine Forbes Carlson.

NUKU’ALOFA TONGA HARBOR STAKE: (August 28, 2022) Chair — Langitoto ‘Ofa Vaha’i, 53 years old, licensed customs agent; succeeding Daniel J. Kivalu; wife, ‘Anahuni Hala’api’api Fakalata Foukimoana Vaha’i. Advisors — Sumalea Etizion Liutai Fonua, 32, building inspector with the Department of Infrastructure; wife, Kuatalupe Fa Vatuvei Fonua. Filipe Hanipale Huni, 38, radio host Ramanlal Vallabh; wife, Fale tofa Uili ki Moana Taufalele Huni.

PARTICIPATION OF OKPUALA NGWA IN NIGERIA: (August 28, 2022) Chair — Victor Pecker Francois, 51, Principal Education Secretary; succeeding Prince Alaoma Ebere; wife, Glory Francis. Advisors — Ugochukwu Ogbonna, 50, independent director; wife, Happiness Jonatharn Ogbonna. Kingsley Ezeudo Theophile, 39, Senior Environmental Health Technologist from Abia State Primary Health Care Development Agency; wife, Queen Ezenwanyi Chibuike Theophilus.

UTAH YSA PROVIDENCE Stake: (August 28, 2022) Chair — Eldon Scott Roe, 55 years old, professor of seminaries and institutes of religion; succeeding James D. Clawson; wife, Jody Lynn Daniels Roe. Advisors — Blake Lyle Evans, 50, border states account manager; wife, Holli Anne Johnson Evans. Robert Todd Thornley, 54, cook Martin Poulson director of the company PC; wife, Deanne Pope Thornley.

ROCK SPRINGS STAKE IN WYOMING: (September 18, 2022) President — Benjamin Craig Brewster, 43, senior technical director of JR Simplot; succeeding Christopher M. Winward; married Hilary Catherine Knighton Brewster. Advisors — Robert Winward Young, 48 years old, project manager JR Simplot; wife, Kristi Clark Young. Eric Alan Aanerud, 41, owner of Aanerud’s appraisal service and certified residential appraiser; wife, Sarah Colleen Asay Aanerud.

ROGERS ARKANSAS STAKE: (August 28, 2022) Chair — Rand Owen Waddups, 45, senior manager of Walmart; succeeding Gregory L. Chandler; wife, Sarah Lorimer Waddoups. Advisors — Randy Duane Conover, 53, family doctor; wife, Michelle Lehnardt Conover. Todd Russell Owen, 39, Vice President of Sam’s Club and Divisional Merchandise Manager; wife, Laura Marie Thornburgh Owen.

PARTICIPATION SAN LUIS POTOSÍ MÉXICO BENITO JUÁREZ: (August 21, 2022) Chair — Eduardo Pantoja Solis, 49, coach of Las Supremas; succeeding Jorge U. Ramirez Cardenas; wife, Fani Osorio Canseco. Advisors — Aristeo Contreras Torres, 29, Valeo Kapec heat treatment process engineer; wife, Fatima Olibilsh Favela Atienzo. Rolando Gallardo Alvarez, 34, secretary of public education, teacher of physical education and healthy living; wife, Abigail Silva Rodriguez.

SANDY UTAH LONE PEAK ISSUE: (September 18, 2022) President — Alan Kenji Walbeck, 59, Chairman of Surepay Finance; succeeding Lyle L. Beecher; wife, Lucile Blauer Walbeck. Advisors — Christopher Aaron Howells, 52, chairman of Terramerica Corporation; wife, Katherine Horman Howells. Andre Vincent Collins, 42, partner Mitchell Barlow & Mansfield PC; wife, Shanade Christine Challman Collins.

PARTICIPATION OF SÃO BERNARDO BRAZIL: (August 7, 2022) Chair — Pierre Delvaux, 51 years old, responsible for well-being and autonomy; succeeding Luiz Carlos Jardim; wife, Melissa Grahl Delvaux. Advisors — Daniel Boscola, 45, construction and retail contractor; wife, Daniela Grolin Benevides Boscolo. Homero Puerta Amato, 33, Residential Jardim da Saúde, Inspect Cloud LTDA and Owner Servitec Brasil LTDA; wife, Aline Buono Machado Amato.

WEST JORDAN UTAH YSA PARTICIPATION: (September 25, 2022) Chair — Bradley Charles Partridge, 62, executive project manager at Intermountain Healthcare; succeeding Michael H. Metcalf; wife, Alison Ogden Partridge. Advisors — Brian Allen Oldham, 63, retired; wife, Julie Ann Horrocks Oldham. Ephraim Zamora, 40, civil rights coordinator for the Utah State Board of Education; wife, Kyrsi Gell Zamora.

Jerry B. Hatch