Remember when Gilbert Gottfried performed in a church in Rumford?

Rest in Peace Gilbert Gottfried

It was announced today, April 12, 2022, that comedy legend Gilbert Gottfried has passed away at the age of 67.

The official announcement came from his official Twitter page noting that he was battling a “long illness”. In the post, they noted that he was a “wonderful husband, brother, friend and father to his two young children” and ends with “please keep laughing as hard as you can in honor of Gilbert.

The first movie I saw at the cinema was an animated Disney movie Aladdin and thus my first exposure to comic geniuses; Robin Williams who played Genie and Gilbert Gottfried who played Iago the parrot.

Gilbert Gottfried has amassed 184 acting credits according to IMDB, many of them in children’s animation thanks to his iconic voice. His stand-up comedy was generally crude, which gave him fans of all ages and generations.

Gottfried in church

When we think of stand-up comedy, we don’t usually think of using a church as a venue, let alone a small church in Rumford, Maine. Two years ago, however, just before the pandemic hit, Gilbert Gottfried actually performed at a church in Rumford, Maine.

Sun Journal found this story which is also very Maine. Two locals, Scot and Cindy Grassette, came together to turn the church into a place of entertainment, 49 Franklin.

Join the trio that made this possible; Scot Grassette enlisted the help of Rob Steen, a well-known comedian and promoter here in New England, who then connected with Maine Event Comedy organizer Mark Turcotte. Together they were men on a mission and the mission was accomplished.

Sun Journal reported that the Gottfried show attracted 190 people to the Thursday show. An impressive gathering for a midweek show outside of Portland or Bangor.

Between the passing of Betty White in December, Bob Saget in January, and now Gilbert Gottfried, can we take a break from the loss of comedians loved by generations?

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