Roundup: Another Hillspoint House, ShoutOut LA, Church Organ…

Yesterday’s Roundup featured a $7.9 million home. It is built on one of Westport’s most famous locations: 233 Hillspoint Road, site of the old Positano restaurant.

Diagonally across the street at 246 Hillspoint is another well-known house. Built in 1930, this is the last remaining bungalow on the increasingly modern (and expensive) stretch of road overlooking the water.

Of course, you know:

At 695 square feet, with 2 bedrooms and 1 bath on a 3,049 square foot lot, it could have been yours – for just $2 million.

But we had to act quickly. Tenders were due on Sunday

I don’t know much about real estate. But I guess the buyer doesn’t intend to live there as it is.

This $2 million is therefore only a starting point. (Hat tip: John Richers)

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David Winther graduated from Staples High School in 2006. He pursued a career as a talent agent (focusing on music and arena tours. He now works in Los Angeles at Elite World Group as Director of Partnerships He also owns agency Winther, which does branding and licensing deals for content creators.

The other day he was interviewed by ShoutOut LA. When asked who deserves credit for his success, he paid tribute to 2 people from his Westport past: his mother Lynn and his mentor Jack Klinge.

David said:

My 2 sisters and I grew up in Westport, CT, a wealthy city with great educational systems that push kids to excel academically, athletically, and more. She worked 2 full time jobs to find us a “place” in this town. Ma missed a lot of football, soccer, lacrosse, band recitals to afford this city. I think there was some teenage angst I had where I didn’t understand her and I actually pulled away from her for a while. Now, in her mid-thirties, I see what she has done and continues to do and how much she has given for her children. I know she would start again in a second.

Second, Jack Klinge. I haven’t had a father figure all my life. The town of Westport has a great program that looks after kids who may not have the “typical” nuclear family… In my case, I was a key kid in a wealthy town. Jack and I met when I was in 2nd grade and we started our first day by going out and playing football against each other. The relationship was excellent. He became more like a grandfather figure who gave me sage advice and was at my games. He would be proud. I know he’s proud, even though I deeply believe he still doesn’t understand what I’m doing, haha!

Thanks Mom. Thanks Jack.

In a follow-up conversation, David said “06880”:

I owe everything I am as a person and professional to my upbringing and my roots. My roots will always be with Westport. Without strong leaders like Cathy Schager, Jack Klinge, John Dodig, David Roth and many more, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

To any parent reading this: please trust Westport. There is a special love and care for her community to succeed in whatever they want to do in life.

Click here to read the full ShoutOut LA story.

David Winther (Photo courtesy of Steven Shutters/ShoutOut LA)

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Rick Tripodi was the musical director and beloved organist of Green’s Farms Congregational Church.

This organ was close to Rick’s heart. As a teenager in 1965, he attended his consecration.

Classically trained, with a Masters in Organ Performance from Juilliard, Rick designed the renovation of the Peragallo/Walker organ during the recent church renovation project.

Unfortunately, he died just 2 days before the instrument was reinstalled.

The organ will be rededicated this Sunday (November 20, 4 p.m.). Justin Bischof — known internationally for his improvisations — will perform. Its program will include themes submitted by the public.

The public is invited. A reception will follow.

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Over 5 weeks ago, a “06880” Roundup featured a scrawny deer, whose entire face was entangled in a badminton net.

He was emaciated – probably because he couldn’t see to eat.

The stag still roams around Westport. Yesterday was in Jilda Manikas’ yard.

The good news: the net no longer covers his eyes. He looks a little healthier – but certainly not happier.

(Photo/Jilda Manikas)


Pianist Brian Marsella returns to “Jazz at the Post” this Thursday (November 17; shows at 7:30 and 8:45 p.m.; dinner from 6:30 p.m.; VFW Post 399, 465 Riverside Avenue).

He is joined by bassist Reid Taylor, drummer Brian Floody and the “Jazz Rabbi”, saxophonist Greg Wall.

The cover charge is $15. Reservations are highly recommended: [email protected]

Brian Marsella


The George Billis Gallery hosts an opening reception for artists Elizabeth Higgins, Dean Fisher and Josephine Robinson.

It’s this Thursday (5-8pm) at Billis’ new location: 180 Post Road East. New works are also available.

“Pear” (Dean Fisher)

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The entrance to Burying Hill Beach teems with life.

Peter Gold has captured today’s ‘Westport…Naturally’ image on this often overlooked site.

(Photo/Peter Gold)

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And finally… what will you see and hear if you visit Green’s Farms Church on Sunday, for the dedication of their new organ?

If you’re intrigued by the idea of ​​an improvised organist (story above), click below:

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