School district and church hold gun buyback event in response to gun violence – WPXI

RANKIN, Pa .– The Woodland Hills School District and Emmanuel Baptist Church held a gun buyback event on Saturday in response to gun violence that hit the Wilkinsburg and Rankin areas.

As soon as the doors opened, guns of all shapes and sizes were turned in, collected by Wilkinsburg and Rankin Police Departments.

There was no limit on the number of guns an individual could bring, and the guns were redeemed for gift cards. The cards were presented by State Senator Jay Costa, who secured $ 5,000 in financial support from an anonymous corporate donor.

“About four years ago, when I moved here from Philadelphia, I realize that there is a lot of gun violence and a lot of trauma that the community has to deal with, so we wondered why not give it a try. to take some guns off the streets, ”James Harris, Superintendent of the Woodland Hills School District, said.

Rankin Police Chief Ryan Wooten has said this buyout event will make a difference.

“We are more than excited to have these guns here and not on the streets, and the wrong person’s hands,” he said.

The chief said all surrendered weapons would be destroyed.

“We’re always looking for ways to help make their community safer. So it was a logical step, trying to keep our community safe, our school safe, our children safe, ”said Christopher T. Conti, senior pastor of the Emmanuel Baptist Church.

Jerry B. Hatch