South Bend City Church plans to move into South Bend Tribune Printing Building

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) – Turn the page and spread the good news.

The downtown building that once housed the South Bend Tribune printing press was chosen as the future home of the South Bend City Church.

“One thing I think that says is we’re really here for the long haul for our city, you know. It’s one thing to rent space on a short-term lease, it’s another for us, you know, to take out the mortgage,” said South Bend City church senior pastor Jason Miller.

The congregation currently leases space in the building at 635 S. Lafayette Street where Studebakers were once made. The lease for this property is due to expire in the summer of 2023.

La Tribune outsourced the printing of the newspaper in the summer of 2017. The building is still down, waiting to turn the page. “We were looking for a long-term home as our lease term at Studebaker ends here next summer, and we were really thrilled when we realized there was this beautiful, very rich space in the heart of downtown. city ​​that was just waiting for some new life,” Miller said.

The church signed an agreement to purchase the property for $1 million. The church plans to complete up to $4.5 million in improvements based on responding to a request for financial commitments from the community and congregation.

Over the years, the congregation has met in homes and conference rooms – at The Brick and the Century Center, as well as Double Tree and Union Station. The Tribune building offers a chance to settle in a permanent place.

In a video the church produced on Project Trib, Pastor Miller says, “We want to secure a long-term home for our church. We want to be better stewards of our resources by working towards a rent-free and debt-free future. We want to take this old building in the heart of downtown and fill it with new life, and we want to share this space with community partners who can use it all week for the common good.

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Jerry B. Hatch