Spalding Lighthouse Church partners with Christians Against Poverty for Talk Money Week to help tackle the cost of living crisis

A religious group wants to lift the stigma of talking about money and help residents through the cost of living crisis.

The Spalding Lighthouse Church will partner with budgeting and debt experts Christians Against Poverty (CAP) for Talk Money Week – aiming to equip local people to navigate through rising costs.

“The current crisis of the rising cost of living affects all areas of our lives: what we eat, how we fuel our homes, our health and well-being, which has a ripple effect on our relationships. and our mental health,” said Simon Jary, Spalding. CAP debt center manager.

Christians Against Poverty at Lighthouse Church, Spalding: Rev. David Sandhu, Simon Jary of Christians Against Poverty and Rev. Chas Sandhu (28071323)

“But many of us are reluctant to talk openly about our personal finances because we’re ashamed or embarrassed.

“Yet talking about our financial situation can have great benefits.

“Money and Pensions Service Talk Money Week promotes the importance of financial well-being and the importance of talking openly about money matters.

“Their research shows that talking about money worries makes people less stressed and more in control, which in turn allows them to make less risky financial decisions and even improves their relationships.”

The Money and Pensions Service’s Talk Money Week runs from November 7-11 and aims to open up conversations about finances.

“We see a lot of people who, before contacting us, are exhausted trying to handle things on their own – often for months or years,” Simon added.

“It causes them to feel isolated and alone, living with the constant anxiety that debt creates.

“But as the saying goes, a problem shared is really a problem halved. Talking to others is the easiest way to get help and support, and it’s often the first step towards finding a solution.

Anyone struggling with debt and needing help can contact CAP on 0800 328 0006 or visit – or sign up for a free CAP Money course.

Jerry B. Hatch