St Peter’s Episcopal Church in Fernandina Beach Completes “Raise the Roof” Fundraising and Tithing Campaign

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church
Press release
May 5, 2022

St. Peter’s Episcopal recently completed its “Raise The Roof” fundraising effort for a total of $200,000.00. Since the campaign began in the summer of 2021, a tithe of $20,000.00 had been set aside for contributions to community support groups including Barnabas, Habitat for Humanity, America’s Youth and Hope House/The Interfaith Dinner Network.

Father Joe Woodfin, Rector of St. Peter’s, said, “Our stated mission is to know, love, worship and serve Jesus Christ and his people. St. Peter’s has a long heritage of community presence and outreach here in Fernandina. Looking around us, we are committed to meeting the needs of the community. Especially those in need of food, shelter and crisis support.

Senior Director of St. Peter’s Vestry, Connie McDaniels, added, “The parishioners of St. Peter’s have long supported our community and give generously to support our mission. In speaking with several organizations that serve our community, it was clear that there were still many unmet needs among our neighbours. The ongoing effects of the pandemic, now exacerbated by inflation, continue to have a significant impact on the most vulnerable. We are grateful to be able to support these vital organizations, both through our donations and through the volunteer support of our parishioners.

“This is a great moment in the life of St. Peter’s,” said Rachel Davis, director of Christian education at the church. “Despite the pandemic, we are seeing an exciting level of energy from multigenerational parish families and our newcomers. It is clear that there is in all of our people a desire to serve the community, whether they have been there for a short time or a long time. We are proud of our church, but we are also committed to partnering even more intentionally with the ecumenical community and local service organizations in Fernandina.”

Reverend Woodfin added, “We are very grateful to our parishioners and our generous donors who have made this special work possible. And invite anyone to join us at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church as we continue the work God has entrusted to us. Jesus taught us to be inclusive, so whoever you are, you are welcome at St. Peter’s.

In short, the $20,000.00 tithe went to these organizations:

  • Habitat for Humanity of Nassau – to provide affordable housing.
  • America’s Youth – after-school programs and vacation activities offered free of charge.
  • Barnabas – offers health services, crisis assistance and food programs.
  • Hope House & Interfaith Dinner Network – because good nutrition is a basic human right.

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church is located at 801 Atlantic Avenue, Fernandina Beach, Florida 32034. Our parish office phone number is (904) 261-4293. Please visit our website to learn more:

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Jerry B. Hatch