Taxing the church will result in double taxation – Lawrence Tetteh

Dr.Lawrence Tetteh is a pastor and economist

Donations received by the church go back to society, Pasteur

Taxing the church is an insult, Lawrence Tetteh

We should applaud the church, Lawrence Tetteh

World-renowned evangelist and author Dr Lawrence Tetteh said asking churches to pay taxes would lead to double taxation.

The founding president of Worldwide Miracle Outreach, who doubles as an economist, said it is ignorant people who would want the church to pay taxes.

He was speaking in an Asaase News interview stating that, “…Today very ignorant people are waking up and saying the church should be taxed; it is an insult. From an economic point of view, it is double taxation.

“Remember in the Bible story, we had ungodly people asking the church to be taxed. What people lose sight of is that the people you think are very rich, you can count them you live in Ghana how many pastors use Land Cruisers if you take a few of us [pastors] who seem to be doing well, there are no more than ten of us.

“The others you don’t see are suffering, in debt and have no place to sleep. In fact, if you go to certain pastors, you will be very sad for them.

According to him, “…you can’t tax the church. The church is only benevolent to society.
Dr Tetteh however noted that the church has been instrumental in the development of the country and therefore should not be demonized to avoid demoralizing people from contributing to its advancement.

“The gifts that the church receives go back into the church; tuition fees are paid [from these]. If you look at Ghana, but for the church, the nation would have been as illiterate as some nations in the sub-region which I don’t want to mention…we should applaud the church…”

He added, “When you tax the church, what do you get? If you want to look at it with a critical eye, it’s only the anti-church people who complain about the church paying taxes…”.

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