The city of Balamban, legalizing the cancellation of the church among the 10 priority bills of the PJ

Vice President and Cebu Representative Pablo John “PJ” Garcia (Cebu, third) submitted 10 internal (HB) bills in the first week of the 19th Congress, including a proposed measure to convert the city of Balamban, in the mid-west of Cebu, as a city component.

In a statement posted to his Facebook page, Garcia also submitted HB 1019 which seeks to ensure provinces get a fair share of property tax proceeds imposed by component cities.

He also submitted HB 1020, which seeks to transfer the power to declare a state of calamity in a local government unit to the local chief executive.

He also filed HB 1021, which seeks to legalize church annulment or dissolution of certain marriages.

Other bills filed by Garcia are HB 1022 or the Government Mobile Application Act; HB 1023 or the Cooperative Banks Act; HB 1024 or the Smart Cities and Municipalities Act; HB 1025 or the Healthy Living Act; HB 1026 or the Tourism Rebound Act; and HB 1027 or the Law Practice Protection Act.

Garcia said his bills are part of his legislative agenda to support Visayan development, strengthen local governance, boost education, health and economic systems; and improve access, quality and administration of justice. (JKV, PR)

Jerry B. Hatch