The government will soon approach the church for financial support – Prophet Manasseh Atsu

Prophet Prince Manasseh Atsu

The General Overseer of Watered Gardens Church, Prophet Prince Manasseh Atsu has indicated that churches in Ghana will soon take on major roles in the governance of the Ghanaian Cardinal, among which will be providing financial support to struggling governments.

“When we talk about glory, God is talking about silver and gold that is mine. He was talking about money. A time is coming when governments want money; they won’t go to the IMF, they will come to church,” he said.

The man of God known for his global intersession gift made the statement during the 14-day prophetic arena of this year’s Global Word Ministries in the capital Accra.

It comes at a time when Ghana is in talks with the International Monetary Fund for a critical bailout to restore policy credibility; build confidence in Ghana’s economy and eventually provide balance of payments support from the Breton Woods Institution.

Ghana has been plunged into its current economic distress with high public debt expected to exceed 100% debt-to-GDP ratio, a poorly performing cedi lagging at the bottom of the continent’s worst performing currencies and food inflation which is highest in the sub-Saharan Africa region.

The nation’s prospects of going to the international capital market to raise critical funds have also been upended by its downgraded status displayed by major credit rating agencies including Fitch, Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s Global.

Quoting Isiah 2:2; the man of God pointed out that the world is in its last days which will see the church steeple mountain above and draw all the systems of the world to its very great light.

Prophet Manasseh called upon the nation to ensure the handing over of the main pillars of the nation in education, health, politics, media, governance, sports, recreation and welfare. others in church.

“A day will come when they’ll say the church built all the fine hospitals. In fact, the Florence Nightingales were all believers anyway and you can take care of the sick more than we can. They’ll say you can take care of the sick. health care please?”

“There will come a day when psychologists will say we’ve studied de-stress, but you have a psychology of victory. The message of hope is in the gospel and it’s more healing than anything.”

“There will come a day when the government will say we tried this street kids thing and they will start begging on the streets again. We know you give love and can take care of them. you please take care of welfare?”

“A time comes when the government will say: we keep people in prison here and they come out worse. But we know that in the church they can really be changed so the church, can you take over prisoner reform for us?

“When they look for workers to employ, they will say our young men are on drugs, they are tired but we see vibrant and beautiful people in the Church. They will ask the church, can you help us feed our youth “, did he declare. .

This year’s prophetic arena held at the request of Prophet John Anokye was honored by Prophet Dr. Philip Ackah of THEACTS Ministry – Montreal, Canada and Prophet John Taylor Anokye, Senior Pastor of Worldwide Word Ministries , in Hamilton, Ontario.

Jerry B. Hatch