The launch of new books on the Eastern Church

Strong points
  • History of the Assyrian Church of the East
  • Lack of Assyrian language readers
  • Assyrian schools hope to expand language learning
On August 11, 2022, the Assyrian Church of the East under His Beatitude Mar Meelis Zaya, Metropolitan and Secretary General of the Patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East and in the presence of many members of the clergy, representatives of Assyrian social and political parties and a crowd of Assyrian people, attended the official launch of a series of books on the Church of the East at St Hermizd’s School.

One book is The Complete Explanation of the Symbols of the Eucharist of the Eastern Church, written by Reverend Shmuel Shimon Shmuel, in the Arabic language.

Author of the book The Explanation of the Eucharist of the Eastern Church, Father Shmuel Shimoun Shmuel Credit: Ninos Emmanuel: SBS Assytrian

Other books on display were a series of books on the history of the Church of the East, the history of the Patriarchs of the Church, the Church of the East and the Mongol destruction of its treasures, The Church of Orient to Malabar and India. and many other new books on church history.
These books are part of a project commissioned by the church to Assyrian linguistic personality and prominent Assyrian community in Australia, Rabi Benyamin bet Benyamin.

Listen to this podcast with Rabi Benyamin Benyamin on how this project started and how long it took to complete.

The official launch of the books on the image of the Patriarchs of the Eastern Church

SBS Assyrian interviewed HB Mar Melis Zaya who spoke about the importance of these books in preserving the history, language and traditions of the Assyrian nation and the Church of the East, which played a huge role in the spread of Christianity in the world.

H. B. Mar Meelis also expressed his grief over the unfortunate lack of Assyrian language readers and the challenges facing Assyrian literature and publications.

mar meelis.JPG

HB Mar Meelis Zaya delivering his speech at the launch event Credit: Ninos Emmanuel/SBS Assyrian

His Beatitude is always optimistic about the impact of St Hermizd Schools, Nassibin College and Assyrian Language College on student education and Assyrian language learning.

Mr. Anwar Atto, responsible for the Assyrian language in Church schools, spoke about the importance of these books for the Assyrian reader. He was optimistic about the future of the language and how the church is dedicated to preserving it and teaching it to the new generation of Australian Assyrians.

Mr Anwar Atto

Head of Assyrian Language Education for Church of the East Schools, Anwar Atto Credit: Ninos-Emmanuel

The publisher of the books, Rabi Benyamin Benyamin, expressed his disappointment with the way these books were promoted and distributed.
When asked if these books would reach Assyrian readers around the world? he said that unfortunately most of these books were published about a year ago, but few have been purchased and are still sitting on shelves and in their original shipping boxes!!.

If we can’t sell and distribute these books in Melbourne, next to Sydney, I wonder how they can reach other countries in the world where Assyrians reside?

Benyamin bet Benyamin

He said that this question should not be addressed to him, but should be addressed to the Eastern Church.

ninos and benyamin.JPG

Rabi Benyamin Benyamin with Ninos Emmanuel, Assyrian SBS Credit: Ninos-Emmanuel

Jerry B. Hatch