The Trinity Church in the Pestrechinsky district recognized as a monument —

A dozen old churches have been identified in the town that can be grouped into a tourist circuit

In Tatarstan, the Trinity Church built in 1904 in the village of Verkhniye Devlizeri of the Pestrechinsky district will be included in the list of cultural heritage sites of regional significance. This beautiful, well-preserved Orthodox church has stood empty for a long time and is being destroyed. “The structural scheme of the building has reached us without late interventions, however, there is a large percentage of loss of roofing structures and finishes,” says the state examination act. Now this example of cult architecture from the end of the 19th-beginning of the 20th century will be preserved Read the details in the material of Realnoe Vremya.

Frescoes have been preserved on the walls

The Trinity Church in the village of Verkhniye Devlizeri passed the state historical and cultural examination and was recommended by the expert to be included in the register of monuments of regional significance as an example of architecture of worship from the end of the 19th to the beginning of the 20th century in the style of brick eclecticism. The corresponding act will be issued by the Tatarstan Committee for the Protection of Cultural Heritage Objects. This gives hope that the ruined temple built in 1904 will be restored.

In 2002, Trinity Church was included in the list of newly identified objects of the republic representing historical, scientific, artistic or other cultural value. However, since then repair and restoration work on the temple has not been carried out, it has stood empty for a long time and continues to deteriorate. Despite the well-preserved structure of the building, experts note that due to the lack of waterproofing, the surface of the masonry of the basement and red brick walls gets wet and collapses, there are hotbeds of bio- contamination, peeling of the paint layer over a large area, lattice constructions and roof covering are completely lost.

“The exterior brick walls of the building are in an unsatisfactory condition, however, sections of the walls in poor condition have been identified. It is necessary to restore the load-bearing capacity of the masonry (repairing, injecting cracks, filling the joints of the masonry with mortar),” the review report states.

Everything is sad inside the temple too: the coatings are damaged, the white stone floors are in poor condition, cracks in the vaults, loss of paintings on the ceiling, broken windows. But some wall frescoes, architectural decoration of facades, historic metal entrance doors, grilles, canopy structure, partially stretched profiles have been preserved.

without dome

The project of a single-altar church in the village of Verkhniye Devlizeri was considered and approved by the construction department of the Kazan Governorate government on May 27, 1894. The church was built in 1904 and a year later , it was consecrated in honor of the Holy Trinity. The funds were allocated by the entrepreneur and landowner of Alatyr (now Chuvashia) Vasily Lvovich Simbirin. The church was parochial, with a full clergy. Residents of three more villages came here – Yekaterinovka (Polyany), Sredniye Devlizery and Aleksandrovka (Kamenovka).

The temple is built by the octagon type under the arch on a high quadrangle with two rows of windows. It is a single-domed structure with a semicircular apse, a small refectory with two window openings, and a narthex, above which is built a four-storey bell tower with two bell platforms. The facade of the building is decorated with pilasters, deep niches and arched openings, half-pediments, keel-shaped kokoshniks and other decor.

The temple remained active until the 1930s. After its closure, according to some reports, in 1937 the domes with cupolas and the cross were dismantled, the object was transferred to state needs.

Since its construction, the church has not been repaired and is currently not in use.

Appearance of the miraculous icon

The village of Verkhniye Devlizeri is also known as the place where a particularly revered icon of the Pechersk Mother of God was kept. The legend of the discovery of the sanctuary has been passed down from generation to generation. The icon at the source of the village on the feast of the Holy Trinity was seen by a local resident, who reported to the owner of the village, a certain Mokeev. He took it home and gave his copy to the Zyuzinsky Church. But soon the icon disappeared from Mokeev’s house and reappeared in the same place near the source. Mokeev took him home, but he quickly burned. The icon was not found in the ashes and was considered lost.

But the copy became the object of special veneration by the townspeople and the inhabitants of the surrounding villages, because it brought healing to the sick. On Trinity Eve and on the feast itself, large numbers of worshipers from neighboring parishes flocked to the church. After the liturgy, the icon was immediately transported to the very source where it appeared. There was a consecration of water and a prayer service to the Mother of God, then for three days the icon was carried to the homes of the villagers.

Currently, the Pechersk Icon is located in the Pokrovsky Cathedral in Kazan, which is the Cathedral of the Kazan-Vyatka Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Old Believers Church. It is in the left wing of the choir.

There are 8 other churches in the list of identified monuments

Examination materials indicate that the Trinity Church can be of interest not only to local historians and lovers of antiquity, but also to schoolchildren and students as the object of excursions on the topic of the Orthodox faith and construction in the Russian Empire. It also has touristic potential: it “can be of public interest, being a promising object of tourist attraction within the framework of excursions to the districts of the Republic of Tatarstan to study and popularize the cultural heritage of the region”. Even a separate route can be built – there are many interesting ancient religious sites in the Pestrechinsky district.

For example, there are 8 other churches in the list of newly identified cultural heritage sites as of 2002, in addition to Trinity Church. These are the Church of the Assumption built in 1883-1888 in the village of Bogorodskoye, the Church of the Ascension (1760) in the village of Yelagino, the Church of the Annunciation (1741) in the village of Kazyli, the Church of the Procession of Venerable Wood of the Cross of the Lord who creates life (1757-1763) in the village of Kulaevo, Church of the Transfiguration (1774, 1882, 1910) in the village of Russkaya Serda, Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin (1741) in the village of Russkie Kazyli, Church of the Ivanovsky Convent (1763) in the village of Selengushi, Church of the Intercession (1787) in Tagashevo.

All are brick, five of them were in poor condition, services were held in the Church of the Assumption and the Church of the Venerable Wood Procession of the Life-giving Cross of the Lord (as of January 1, 2002) .

Eleonora Rylova


Jerry B. Hatch