Thieves steal church bell in Troup County, pastor says

Congregants and leaders of Harvest Time Community Baptist Church made a shocking discovery when they came for Sunday service: their bell had been stolen.

“I looked here and found the bell was missing,” senior pastor Bill Blackmon said. “It really bothers me that someone is stealing from the church.”

Senior Pastor Blackmon says his church has only been on Whitesville Rd. in West Point for just over a year. The bell was at the front of the church, near the causeway, enclosed in a brick structure.

When they arrived on Sunday morning, the brick structure was there, but not the bell.

“We really want the bell to come back,” he said. “It means a lot to the church, it means a lot to the congregation…he was at least a hundred years old.”

Blackmon said the Troup County Sheriff’s Office is leading the investigation. He suspects someone wanted to scrap the bell for some quick cash.

Blackmon has a message for whoever is behind this.

“If they bring the bell back, as far as we’re concerned, we’re not willing to press charges,” Blackmon said, referring to the economy. “Things happen.”



Jerry B. Hatch