Trail Ridge Quilters Sale Saturday, October 1 at Mountain View Church | Events

As an interest group sponsored by the Estes Park Newcomers Club, the Trail Ridge Quilters have been making and selling quilted goods for over 35 years. Proceeds from the sale go to support our local hospital foundation. Newcomers Trail Ridge Quilters and Estes Park are happy to help friends and neighbors in our community.

Just in time for Christmas shopping, quilters have been busy preparing for this sale scheduled for this Saturday, October 1, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at Mountain View Bible Fellowship, 1575 S. St. Vrain Avenue in Estes Park. They are very happy to have a large and beautiful place to display their offerings, which range from potholders, wall hangings and table runners to quilts of various sizes.

Sales over the past few years, even during COVID, have generated funds to help purchase specific, smaller medical items requested by hospital departments. But they also contributed big-ticket items like the 3D mammography machine, replacement for the aging MRI machine, and a new ultrasound table.

The Estes Park community has always supported Trail Ridge Quilter events, and they hope to see good turnout again this weekend. All proceeds will go towards purchasing more equipment that has a direct impact on improving patient care at Estes Park Health.

Jerry B. Hatch