Treasurer of Church of Iceland in Norway resigns over suspicion of embezzlement | IceNews

According to an announcement made by the Church of Iceland in Norway, the organisation’s treasurer has resigned from the congregation’s board of directors over possible embezzlement. The church says there is a reasonable suspicion of embezzlement and it has been reported to the police.

The suspect has worked for the congregation since being elected to the board in 2018; prior to that, he served as chief of staff of the congregation.

This is the second time in nearly three years that a member of the Church of Iceland in Norway has been charged with embezzlement.

In 2019, the president of the congregation resigned, but it was later discovered that he had in several cases misused credit cards. At the time, the organization decided not to report the matter to the police. Instead, the church board demanded that the president reimburse the congregation for the embezzlement he had made.

About 6000 people were registered in the religious association in Norway in 2019. Yet the Norwegian state pays a certain amount per month for each individual registered in the Church of Iceland in Norway.

Jerry B. Hatch