Triumphant Life Church a total loss after Wednesday night’s fire

HUDSON, Texas (KTRE) – A fire left Triumphant Life Church in Hudson a total loss after Pastor Rick Hanes noticed smoke coming from roof vents shortly after 6:15 a.m. Wednesday night. Hudson Fire Marshal Joe Burton said no one was injured and his crew was able to respond quickly.

“I believe it was the pastor, who showed up last night to open the church for services and when they opened the doors the church was filled with smoke,” Burton said. “They called 911, and as soon as they did, our guys were already at the station and they responded pretty quickly.”

The Hudson Fire Department’s mutual aid agreement allowed crews from across Angelina County and Apple Springs to help put out the blaze. Burton says his crew entered using a thermal imager to locate the fire, but the intensity of the heat forced them to pull back and begin defensive operations.

“One of the issues we had with this fire was that we kept running out of water,” Burton said. “There’s a fire hydrant a few hundred yards from where we’re standing and it’s been out of service for some time.”

Hudson and Woodlawn waters service the area of ​​the fire. Burton says they had to set up a tanker shuttle due to the lack of a usable fire hydrant nearby. He says the trucks’ hoses could have reached the hydrant, and it’s possible they could have done more if the nearby hydrant was working.

“We’ve approached Hudson’s water supply a number of times and been told there aren’t enough hydrants out of service yet for anyone to come and fix them,” Burton said.

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Jerry B. Hatch