Trust in church, academia remains high, trust in media, NGOs up – survey

FILIPINOS’ trust in church and academia remained high at 91 and 90 percent, while trust in the media and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) increased to 76 and 70 percent respectively, the Philippine Trust revealed. Index (PTI) 2021.

Trust in NGOs increased by 33% compared to 37 in 2019, while trust in the media increased by 7%.

Meanwhile, people’s trust in government remained stable at 76% while trust in business fell 5% from 71% in 2019 to 66% in 2021.

According to EON Group, the entity that conducted the PTI 2021 from August to September 2021, only 29% of changes in respondents’ confidence ratings were influenced by their responses to the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic (Covid- 19), while the other 71% can be attributed to their respective performances before the pandemic.

The survey results also showed that other concerns of Filipinos amid the Covid-19 pandemic include the government’s reluctance to impose lockdowns during the early stages of the pandemic, continued worry about the effects long term of the pandemic, the fear of going into lifelong debt due to hospitalization and the strain on their mental health due to fear of losing their job or economic instability.

The pollster also noted that despite the vaccine’s rollout to the general public in recent months, hesitancy to receive the Covid-19 vaccine remains a problem, as misconceptions continue to proliferate among people, slowing efforts to achieve herd immunity among the population.

“With the push Omicron caused earlier this year, a reminder that the country is still in the midst of a global health crisis, the need for the public to trust its institutions remains a priority. For their stimulus initiatives to work , they must earn the trust of Filipinos by doing better, especially in areas where they are perceived to be lacking,” EON Group said in a statement.

Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) Undersecretary Kristian Ablan acknowledged the effect of the pandemic on Filipinos’ trust in these institutions, noting that the results of the survey could help the government address these issues. problems faced by the public. He added that these results could also guide the government in its decision-making process.

EON Group’s Chief Innovation Officer, Mori Rodriguez, pointed out that trust largely depends on the type of leadership within the institution. He said strong leadership, exemplified by quick decision-making and timely actions, is most important in earning and maintaining public trust.

“It is important to know how the leadership of an institution shapes public perception. This is also why we do the PTI – it is not only to remind the public that their trust is important, but also to help leaders to realize that they have this enormous responsibility to do the right thing,” Rodriguez said.

The EON group conducted face-to-face interviews with 800 adult respondents nationwide who were randomly selected. Thirty percent were from the National Capital Region (NCR), 40% from the rest of Luzon, 15% from Visayas and 15% from Mindanao. Of all respondents, 75% were from urban areas, while 25% were from rural areas.

The survey results have a sampling error of ±3% at the 95% confidence level.

Jerry B. Hatch