We will remain apolitical, says the Catholic Church

From Fred Eze, Abuja

the The Catholic Church has reaffirmed its position that it will remain apolitical and will not support any candidate vying for political office in 2023, especially the post of president.

Nonetheless, he said he would continue to encourage Christians, especially the Catholic faithful, to take a greater interest in politics and participate fully in the process, so that they can participate in choosing their leaders.

Secretary General, Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria (CSN), Very Rev. Zachariah Samjumi, who reaffirmed the position of the Catholic Secretariat at a media conference in Abuja on Friday, disagreed with the impression that politics is dirty and should be left to dirty people is wrong and needs to be corrected.

He said: “This impression is very wrong and should be corrected. We need to start making people realize that politics is not a “dirty” game, nor a “do or die” affair as has been believed over the years. We always use every available opportunity to encourage our people to enter politics, clean up the system and then participate in the process of choosing political leaders.

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“Joining people who believe politics is a ‘dirty’ game and abandoning the process is a disastrous decision for individuals and the church. This means that “dirty” people would take advantage of the vacuum to occupy the offices and start making decisions for me and you who claimed to be “clean” and educated.

“As the general elections are fast approaching, many people have sought the official support of the Catholic Church for their political ambition, but we often pray for them and wish them good luck in their political journey. This has been our position.

Meanwhile, the Director of Social Communications, CSN, Very Rev. Michael Nsikak Umoh, in his remarks, said the Catholic Church looks forward to the next administration that will leave no room for commercial blame or petty partisanship defined by tribal, ethnic, religious or political affiliation.

Jerry B. Hatch